7 Beach House Rules Friends Should Set, So You're Still Friends When You Leave

Summer is officially here, and the season should not be taken for granted. Instead, seas the day (Pun intended.) by spending as much time as possible going to the beach and traveling . The best way to combine the two is by renting a beach house with your crew. Before you book anything, you should all sit down and go over the logistics. There are some rules to make before renting a beach house with your friends, so that you're still a super squad when you leave.

Obviously, a week away with your best friends sounds amazing and can be the best time ever, but traveling with a big group and planning everything can be stressful AF. When you get there, if you're not prepared, you can run into a few bumps that might cause a little bit of tension in the house. You want to spend your time relaxing on the sand and soaking up those warm rays — not having house meetings to discuss frustrations.

By setting these seven ground rules ahead of time for everyone to abide by, there likely won't be any awkwardness addressing things while you're there. This way, your vacay is set for smooth sailing before you even arrive at your destination.

Everyone's In Charge Of Taking Out The Garbage
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You'd hate to be the only one taking out the garbage all week long. Let it be known ahead of time that everyone's equally in charge of garbage duty. You could even set a schedule, so people have certain days they're responsible for.

Everyone Should Help Out With The Cleaning And Treat The House Like It's Their Own

Having a big group of people in one house can get messy very quickly. With the sand being tracked in from the beach, wine nights on the porch, and cooking breakfast every morning, you need to set ground rules ASAP.

First of all, everyone in the crew should agree to leave the common areas as clean as possible. Then, set up a cleaning time on the daily that everyone can help out with.

Avoid Making A Lot Of Noise Too Early In The Morning

Some of your friends might be early risers, and others may love to sleep in — especially when they're on vacation. Everyone in the house should be respectful of having different sleep schedules. So, for those who like to get up early, just remember to keep it quiet and maybe enjoy your morning cup of Joe on the porch.

Don't Stay Up Too Late
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If you're being quiet in the morning, you also need to be respectful at night. With all of your friends in one place, you might end up staying up super late. Just remember to keep it down if some people want to head to bed a little early.

Determine The Sleeping Arrangements Before You Get There

It's a smart idea figuring out who will stay in what room in advance, so there aren't any fights when you get there. If someone really wants the master bedroom, you might set a rule that it's only fair they chip in a little extra.

Plan The Food Situation In Advance

You likely won't be eating every meal out, so you'll want to go grocery shopping ahead of time for food and snacks. You could either decide that everyone will bring their own things, or the crew can go grocery shopping together and split the bill evenly. Just make sure everyone's on board with whatever plan you decide on.

Everyone Should Feel Free To Have Their Own Schedules
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You may be heading to the beach as a crew, but once you're there, people might want to do different activities. You can have group dinners at night, but some of the days, everyone might want to do whatever they want. That'll save you from having to stick to a strict schedule that not everyone is happy with.