8 Signs Your SO Respects Your Ambition, So Don’t Feel Bad About Chasing Your Dreams

by Korey Lane

Being with someone who loves you is a magical, extraordinary thing. But being with someone who also respects your ambitions and goals is extra special. If you're working hard toward a goal and want to know how your partner feels about it, then these signs your SO respects your ambition could be indicators that you've got a keeper on your hands.

The thing is, everyone deserves to be with someone who supports them, and your partner should want nothing but the best for you. But sometimes, feelings of jealousy, control, or just straight-up sexism can cause people to not be completely supportive of each other. More, if your significant other doesn't respect your goals and ambition, then maybe they aren't that great of a significant other. "A true partner wants you to be ambitious on your own terms — whatever that means for you," Elle Huerta, the CEO and founder of Mend, a self-care app that helps you get through breakups, tells Elite Daily. So really, you shouldn't settle for someone who isn't supportive of you, period.

Whether that means your partner helps out around the apartment so you can work that extra shift, or they bring you coffee while you're working on your website at 2 a.m., you deserve to be with someone who respects your ambition in all of it's forms. Look out for these signs that indicate your partner does just that.

They want to know about your goals.

A significant other who wants you to be the best you can be will be curious about what you want out of life. They'll ask you what you want to accomplish and get excited about it with you. "You can tell they care if they ask you about your goals," Huerta says. A truly supportive partner will be there for you and ask you what it is you want to be working towards.

They find joy in your successes.

A significant other who respects your ambition will celebrate with you when all your hard work pays off. They won't simply shrug as if it doesn't matter — they'll take pride in what you've accomplished right alongside you. As Huerta says, "it feels like your success is their success." Be with someone who is there for the ups and downs of your goals, because you deserve nothing less.

They do what they can to support you.

If you're working hard toward a specific goal, then your partner will respect that. "They respect your choices, admire your ambition and find opportunities to support you along the way," Huerta emphasizes. Big or small, a significant other who respects your ambition will look for ways they can be there for you.

They aren't going to guilt-trip you.

It can be hard on a relationship when one person is working hard toward a goal and spending a lot of time doing it. But being ambitious shouldn't be something that your partner makes you feel guilty about. "They understand when you may have a deadline and need to get something done that may cut into your time together and don’t make you feel bad about it," Trina Leckie, breakup BOOST Podcast host, tells Elite Daily. A true and caring signifiant other is one who won't let your ambition and dedication to your goals get to them.

They brag about you.

No matter what your ambitions are, a significant other who respects them will be happy to be there alongside you, cheering you on. "They ask questions to show they are interested in what you are doing, they encourage you, they pump up what you are doing to friends and family," Leckie says of a truly supportive partner. Get you someone who brags about you to everyone who will hear them, and who gets you excited for what you're working toward.

They think of your goal as their goal, too.

While your ambition is a beautiful thing, your partner should think of it as somewhat of a joint effort. Whatever you want to accomplish, they should want you to accomplish it. "Your partner should be your biggest cheerleader because your goals are joint goals," Clarissa Silva, behavioral scientist, relationship coach and creator of the Your Happiness Hypothesis system tells Elite Daily. "A true partnership shouldn’t be about competition, it should be about support."

They let you do your thing.

If you're working hard toward something, whether it's a Master's degree, a promotion, or anything else, then your partner will recognize that you're basically an expert in whatever it is. "Your SO defers to you on subjects you know more about because he genuinely enjoys learning from you," Silva says. "They take pride in watching you express a strong opinion." No intimidation here whatsoever!

They aren't jealous.

I get it. It can be easy to feel a little jealous of someone who is succeeding at something when you aren't. It's hard. But at the end of the day, a supportive partner won't be jealous of you and all you've accomplished. They'll be so in love with you and so happy for you, that there's just no room for jealousy in their heart. "If your partner seems jealous or competitive, it’s a red flag that needs to be addressed," Huerta says. "Tell them how you feel. A true partner doesn’t want to limit you. They want you to be your best."

So be your best, and accept nothing less than a partner who wants that for you. It's what you deserve.

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