8 Telltale Signs Your Cousin Is Your Truest Soul Sister Out Of All Your Friends

As far as a best friend is concerned, your main girl should complete you, and also complement you. She's your biggest cheerleader, and will always be brutally honest with you (even when you really don't want to hear it). Your number one is the yin to your yang, and you really couldn't imagine going through life without her by your side. A lot of the time, the person who fits that description is someone in your family. It could be your sister, or even your mom — but you could also be BFFs with your cousin. The only way to know for sure are from certain signs your cousin is your best friend.

Sure, you may have a bunch of good friends, but a best friend is so much more. I mean, it totally makes sense that your cousin would be your person. She's basically like your sister, minus all of the bummer things like having to share clothes and fighting over mom and dad's attention as kids. Plus, because you are family, your cousin has been there for you throughout your entire life, and she isn't going anywhere. You may already know how special she is to you, but these eight telltale signs just reaffirm everything you already know — your cousin is your soul sister.

Every Major Life Event, Your Cousin Has Been There

Your school plays, your sweet 16 bash, and your high school graduation — these are all major milestones that your cousin has attended. It helps that you are family, but she would be there for you no matter what. You've been supporting each other since you were in diapers, and you'll keep supporting each other.

When You're Upset, She's The First Person You Call

When you open your phone to call someone, your fingers just start dialing your cousin's number without you even thinking about it — it just comes so naturally. You text each other and send funny Gifs all the time, so when you're upset, you immediately call her. She's basically like your emergency contact, and will be there in a heartbeat.

You've Definitely Cried More Than 100 Times From Laughing So Hard

Every time you hang out, you end up laughing so hard it literally hurts. Sometimes, you're even in tears because you and your cuz are honestly hilarious AF. It must be those genes, because you share the same sense of humor. It has allowed you two to have endless inside jokes that, to this day, still crack you up.

You Don't Need A Family Reunion As An Excuse To Hang Out

Some people only see their cousins for family events, but you can't wait for Grandma's birthday to see your favorite person again. You hang out all the time — whether it's hitting up a new spot for weekend brunch, or just chilling after work gossiping over some wine. You're probably hanging out right now, or at least have plans to see each other later this week.

She Knows Every Secret You've Ever Had

The perks of having known someone your whole life is that you really know them. Your cousin knew every secret crush you had in high school, because you confided them all in her. She also knows you were the one who broke Grandma's lamp, but that's a secret she'll take to the grave.

Quite honestly, your cousin could write a tell-all book with the dirt she has on you. But, you trust her so much that you know your secrets are safely locked up, and she threw away the key.

She's Your Favorite Travel Buddy

Finding the perfect travel partner is actually a very difficult task. You might want someone who's interested in scoping out the same sites as you, and someone who's down for the adventure.

You and your cousin have been going on family vacays for years, so not only are you experts on traveling together, but you also know you already have the perfect go-to travel buddy. She's the first person you think of when the wanderlust takes over, and you want to travel to all of the dreamy places on your bucket list.

You Have A Secret Language No One Else Understands

You know each other so well, that you don't even have to say full sentences to understand what the other is saying. You have a special cousin language that many are envious of. It's probably why you're so good at charades together.

You Know That No Matter How Many Times You Argue, She's In This For The Long Run

This is the plus side of being family. No matter where you end up or how many times you get into a fight, you will always have your family there for you. Your cousin isn't going anywhere, and when you're BFFs with her, you know you are best friends for life.