8 Things You Really Only Understand If Your Cousin Is Also Your BFF

by Tessa Harvey

Sometimes, you wish for a best friend — and sometimes you get one, just not in the way you expect. Sometimes, you go through life, wondering just who your person is, until you realize that your cousin is your best friend. Think about it. You're close in age, you hang out all of the time, your inside jokes are the actual best, and she knows pretty much everything about you. Combine that with the hundreds of secrets you've entrusted her with over the years, and yeah, it sounds like your cousin fits the bill as your forever bestie.

Maybe you're like, yeah, duh, of course my cousin's my best friend. We grew up together, went on family vacations together, we share a set of grandparents and have so much in common. I guess when you put it that way, it's pretty cut and dry. Cousins are some of the best friends you could ever wish for. If you don't have a sister, you're pretty much convinced this is what it's like, anyway.

If she's your best friend, there a million special things about your relationship — but I bet a few of them are these eight things. It's you two against the world. Or, at least, your other cousins at the family potato sack race.

Your Bond With Her Is So Much Stronger Than Any Other Friendship You Have

... If not because she's been with you through everything, because you two are blood. You're bonded by so many things in your life — family, a countless amount of dope memories, so much trust, loyalty, respect, cherished traditions, and a solid support system.

You Can Recount Old Memories For Days On End

The two of you could spend hours talking about your wildest childhood shenanigans. You've got your back and forth banter down to a science, and you love to pull it out to entertain friends and even your families.

TBH, you're just so much funnier when your main girl is around. Plus, that story about that time when you ripped your pants on the playground in front of your childhood crush is just so much better when you tell it together, am I right?

She's Your Family Reunion Sidekick, And You're Hers

There ain't no party like a family reunion party — especially when the two of you are involved. You're guaranteed to bring it to life, because that's just how you roll together. And if it's really a bore, you won't notice. Nothing's ever too boring when the two of you are together.

Her Parents Are Like Your Second Parents

Your aunt and uncle have been a part of your life since day one, and you've spent so much time with them that they're basically your second parents. You can't even imagine it any other way, honestly. By this time, you've spent countless nights sleeping over at her house, cooking family dinners, and venting to your aunt and uncle about everything.

You Tell Literally Everyone That You're Related

You're not really sure why you do it. It's not like anyone probably particularly cares. But for some reason, when you're out with your cousin, the two of you feel compelled to let anyone in the same vicinity know that yes, you two are cousins, so, yes, you're basically sisters. It's must-know information, alright?

You've Been Planning The Next Family Vacay Forever

The last vacation your families went on together was years ago, but the two of you have been pushing hard to change that. I mean, c'mon! Those memories are seriously priceless, and the Instagram opportunities are infinite. At this point, you're thinking about planning an ultimate trip for just the two of you (But hey, Mom and Dad, splitting the cost wouldn't be so bad, either!).

She Has The Best Dirt On Your Past

Seriously, if she ever decided to blackmail you, she'd have some solid material to work with — including that time when you decided to cut your bangs on your own and she snapped a pic of it (Yikes!). Or that summer you rocked those lime green gaucho pants on the regular. Or... yeah, just don't get on her bad side, how about that?

You Can Always Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

No matter how many days, weeks, or months that go by, you know that when you're with your cuz, it'll be like you were never apart. She's one of the few people in your life you can be completely yourself with, so don't forget to thank her for being the best once in awhile.