Why Having Cousins You're So Close To Is Truly The Greatest Gift Ever

by Tessa Harvey

I like to write about my sister a lot because she's beyond special to me. For as long as I can remember, she's played a giant role in my life, so of course she's my best friend and biggest motivator. But there's another person who's been there for pretty much just as long and who I consider to be one of my closest friends. Having cousins you're close to is an amazing thing, and one of the greatest gifts to be blessed with. For someone who doesn't have a sibling, it's like the sister or brother you never had. And for someone like me who does have a sister, my cousin is the third member of our girl gang.

My cousin was born two weeks after my sister, who's a little over a year younger than me. Our families have been close for forever; as kids, we'd talk about the day we'd ended up in college together, enjoying our big girl lives, and remaining the best of friends. In high school, we drifted apart a bit, but now we've ended up in the same place — all in college together, just like we always dreamed of. Even better? My cousin is my roommate.

If you're really close to your cousin, I'm sure yours is so important to you. Sometimes it's hard to put into words everything she does for you. Here are seven reasons you're oh-so-lucky to be friends.

It's All In The Family

It's all in the family, which means there's nothing to hide. You know a lot, if not everything about her parents, the hilarious family holiday stories, and how your other uncle dropped your cousin's birthday cake on the family heirloom rug by accident. There's no catching up or explaining with you two, because you just get it.

Your Support System Is Unwavering

Rain or shine, you know she's going to be there to support you. When you think back on it, it's rare that she's ever let you down. Over the years, you've gone to her for plenty of things, including honest advice, secrets, and just to talk. Luckily, you get to continue to have that.

Family Get-Togethers Have Never Been So Much Fun

I feel for people who don't have close relationships with their cousins. I mean, family reunions must be pretty awkward, right? But when you're BFFs with your cousin, family reunions are hilarious, if not the best. You know you'll get to crack up at all of the shenanigans with your cuz, and you're bound to go off and do your own thing together, anyway.

She Offers Her Own Perspective

So obvi, your cousin's known you your whole life, or at least pretty close to it. The good thing about that is that yes, she knows all of your business, but also, she has good insight to give you. She's removed enough from your life to give you solid advice, but has enough info to make that advice relevant.

Your Core Values (Probably) Align

One of the things that makes it so easy for you and your cousin to be friends is that you've been raised in families that, ultimately, were raised together. As different as some things may be, chances are that you were taught the same values. Your conversations and relationship are based on this mutual understanding, so that makes her more than a best friend — she's family.

You've Had The Hand-Me-Down System For Forever

... And it's not about to stop now. Seriously, you love your cuz, but you love her closet almost as much. It's so fun to double up what you've got by adding someone else's wardrobe into the mix, especially when it's full of unique finds you wouldn't normally buy for yourself.

Watching Your Friendship Blossom Is So Rewarding

If living with my cousin for almost a year has taught me anything, it's just how lucky I am that we're so close, in age and in friendship. It's been amazing to see how close we've gotten, and I can confidently say that if you're friends with your cuz, you can't imagine life without her.