8 Sexy Texts To Send Your Partner When They're Traveling

So, your bae is on vacation. You know what people say about that, right? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Even if you're excited for your partner to experience a new place, it can be a bummer when their hot self is so far away. Thankfully, the distance can be traversable with some digital sexy time. If your SO is about to board a plane that doesn't land in your bed, don't fret. Instead, consider some sexy texts to send to your partner when they're traveling that'll drive them into a frenzy with anticipation.

There's no time like the present to remind your partner what they're missing back home. Your text can be as elaborate as an artfully staged nude, complete with accessories and mood lighting, or as simple as a carefully placed ellipsis. If you're confused by the latter, don't worry. I can fill you in on all the incredible ways a few periods can up the sexual chemistry of an otherwise innocuous message. When it comes to sexy texting, though, you may want first to double-check that your partner isn't sitting next to their mom at family dinner when you hit send.

Read on for eight sexy texts that'll make the distance melt away.

Leave Room For Imagination

There are so many ways to be sexy on the sly. Feel free to squeeze in details that will drive your partner up the wall and make them wonder what would happen if they were with you. Here are a few examples:

  • "Just took a shower, feeling too lazy to get dressed, so I am just lying on my bed air-drying."
  • "About to go to the beach in my new suit, maybe I'll send you a pic."
  • "Taking a bath to de-stress, really need some 'me time.'"

You could also mention what you're wearing. Tell them about how you recently got some new underwear that looks surprisingly cute or mention that you found a bra buried in the back of your closet that fits you really well. Don't be surprised when the next text asks for a picture.

Ask Them What They Would Do If You Were Together

If you're ready to get sexy via texting and are not interested in being sly, you could go straight for it. Ask them what they would do if they were with you. You can send this text anywhere, at any time — it can be hot to play up the possibilities.

  • "I'm at a bar with friends right now, but miss you. What would you do if you were here RN?"
  • "I'm out shopping, and I'm trying on this dress in the dressing room. Wanna see it? Also, this dressing room is so big. I wonder what we could do in here together."
  • "Going to the beach in my new suit. If it were a private beach, what do you think we would do?"

If you're in public, you could fantasize about hooking up in a private bathroom or a dressing room. Since this is all hypothetical, you can get really creative. The best part? There's no risk of getting caught.

Have Them Connect The Dots

The most innocent comments can be super suggestive (if you want them to be), especially if you add long ellipses to the end of the statement. Send your partner a text saying, "Just hanging here alone, wish you were here..." and see how they respond. It's all about giving their imagination room to fill in the gaps.

  • "It's so hot out tonight. I'm sleeping naked. Just thought I would let you know..."
  • "Feeling really good after having some 'me time' earlier..."
  • "Thinking about getting this vibrator that's also a ring... what do you think?"

Even though it can be a bummer when your partner jets out of town for a bit, it can also stoke your flames for each other. And before you know it, they will be back from their adventures and sweeping you off your feet.