Your Favorite Sex Move, Based On Your Enneagram Type

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If you love astrology and learning more about the nuances of personality, you should totally check out the Enneagram type tndicator. This test highlights certain traits and behaviors of each of its nine types. And, believe it or not, you might have a favorite sex move based on your Enneagram type. Don't be surprised if your old standby sex move actually lines up really well with the traits of your type, either.

Alternatively, if you're in the market for some sexual inspiration with your bae, it could be useful to figure out what your Enneagram types are beforehand. It can teach you a lot about your compatibility, while also highlighting areas of conflict you might run into. For instance, as a type four, I want to feel unique compared to others. In sexual settings, it can be fun to explore things that feel totally unique to my relationship with that specific person. Similarly, it can help to know that I prefer uniqueness in my relationships because I can find partners who enjoy spontaneity and creativity. However, there are other types, like the loyalist, that may find my preferences a bit frivolous or unnecessary.

If you're interested in knowing more about what sex move would complement your Enneagram type, check out the following position ideas.

Type One: The Reformer
Stocksy/ Sonja Lekovic

Reverse Cowgirl.

The reformer loves to excel and prove themselves by meeting set expectations. As a result, they will likely love Reverse Cowgirl because it's hot and semi-challenging. Type ones blossom when they're given a task to complete, and they live to show up and show out.

Type Two: The Helper

Edge-of-the-bed head.

The helper is the most caring and giving of the nine types. Their slogan is, "I try to be loved by loving others." They enjoy giving and receiving. In the bedroom, they feel this tenfold. Type two would likely excel at some super hot pleasure play, where one partner is designated the sole receiver of oral sex or whatever they enjoy most.

Type Three: The Achiever


The achiever is super ambitious and determined. They likely enjoy the chance to move fast. Doggy-style is an excellent option for the achiever because it offers an opportunity to let loose and go to town.

Type Four: The Individualist

Chair sex.

The individualist is inherently creative and loves to be adored for being unique. They would likely enjoy chair sex because it's a hot change of pace from getting down on a bed. They can either sit on the chair and have someone ride them or be the one on top.

Type Five: The Investigator

Car hookup.

The investigator can be somewhat mysterious. They get lost in their own thoughts and projects. The best sex move for type five would be a spontaneous maneuver that serves as an exciting distraction. Making out in the car before going inside is a great option. You can even make things super hot by fingering each other or reaching under one another's shirts.

Type Six: The Loyalist

Missionary with legs up and crossed.

The loyalist loves to connect with others. They also don't shy away from intensity. The perfect sex move for them would likely be something that involves a lot of skin and eye contact. Missionary with the receiving partner's legs in the air is a great option. You can also cross your legs to change up the penetration sensation.

Type Seven: The Enthusiast


Type sevens are the first to dance at a party. They're super excited about life and love to get in the middle of anything thrilling. Their ideal sex move is 69-ing because it can give them a chance to give and receive simultaneously. They also find multitasking to be hot.

Type Eight: The Challenger

The bridge.

The challenger type loves to prove their strength and be in control. They also enjoy, as the name suggests, a challenge. The bridge could be a really satisfying position to try because it requires the penetrative partner to hold a lot of the receiving partner's weight while they go at it.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker


The peacemaker type, much like the helper, loves intensity and care. Missionary may seem super traditional but can actually be an intimate, connective moment. You could also embrace each other as you move by holding hands, which can level up the intensity.

If you're looking for some sexual inspiration, consider taking this shorter version of the Enneagram type Indicator test. It can be fun to feel in your element, while seeing someone excel at something that fits their personality. However you get down, you can't go wrong by leaning in (pun intended) to your preferences and desires.

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