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8 Sex Moves To Try On Your Balcony That'll Give You Big Deck Energy

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Though one can set the mood in any setting, there's something undeniably sexy about being up high and outside. Whether you have a picturesque terrace or a large porch, doing it on a balcony can bring on some major big deck energy. When the weather's beautiful and the view is gorgeous, these sex moves to try on your balcony will leave you feeling elevated and elated.

While getting it on in public can be totally hot, it can also be risky. So, doing your research and being considerate about your surroundings is a must. Having sex in public can land you a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, with penalties ranging from jail time to fines, or even earning a criminal record. Therefore, if you're going to have sex on a balcony, you'll want to make sure you're completely isolated. Additionally, if your balcony is super high up or the railing isn't secure, you're going to want to carry on with *yellow blinking sign* caution. Though sex can be a great way to learn new things about your body, your safety and comfort is always the most important thing to consider.

If you're ready to get ballsy on your balcony, here are eight sex moves to try ASAP.

Sunny And Chair

Though it may be tempting to sit up on or be bent over the railing, you don't want to risk anyone falling or the railing breaking. An easy fix: Bring out a chair and get it on in a safe and seated position or use the chair to balance over.

With either partner sitting down, the other partner can straddle them for deep penetration or seated stimulation. Additionally, consider having the receiving partner bend over the back of the chair and have the penetrating partner enter from behind using a penis, sex toy, or fingers.

Leg Up

Lie on the floor of the balcony with your arms on the ground, holding your torso up. As you lift one leg into the air, have your partner kneeling and straddling your other leg (that's stretched out on the floor). Resting your lifted leg on their shoulder, your partner can deeply penetrate or stimulate you with their fingers or toys.

Sliding Door

Balancing yourself on the door to the balcony can be a sexy way to get it on while standing up. Facing the door, stand about a foot back, raising your hands above your head and onto the wall or door, pushing down for balance. Have your partner enter from behind with fingers, a penis, or toys. Though neither of you will be able to look out the balcony, your boo will still get a great view.

Outdoor Doggie

Of course, if the outside view is too good to pass up, doing doggy on the floor of the balcony will give you both a chance to look out over the horizon. Whether you get on all fours and have your partner enter you from behind or you bend your torso down while reaching your arms out (I know it sounds weird, but it's essentially a sexy child's pose), your partner will have full access to your pelvis as you both take in the view.

Flirty Flotation

Incorporating a floaty into the bedroom (or the balcony) can add some extra sexy height. Have the receiving partner lie or sit on a pool floaty, adjusting their hips in a new way. With this added height, the penetrating partner can enter or stimulate in different angles, creating all sorts of new sensations.

Lean Back

With the receiving partner bending over and touching their toes or balancing on the ground or a prop, have the penetrating partner enter from behind with a penis or strap-on, resting their hands and balancing on their partner's hips. The penetrating partner can lean back on the wall or door for balance. This move can allow for deep penetration, while allowing everyone to take in the view.


Have the penetrating partner lie on the floor, with their legs bent and their feet flat on the ground. Have the receiving partner straddle over, facing their partner's feet and the view. The penetrating partner can enter or stimulate the receiving partner, creating a grounded reverse cowgirl, while the receiving partner gets to look out over the balcony and feel amazing.

Up And Oral

Have one partner standing as the other kneels and performs oral. You can switch off, or —if you're feeling spicy — recline into a 69 situation. If the balcony floor is rocky or hard, try putting a towel or pillow down to protect your knees.

If you and your boo have access to a private balcony, getting a little frisky on it may be totally hot. Of course, if you're going to have sex where people may be able to see you, it's important to consider your surroundings. Additionally, having sex somewhere high up or with wonky railings can take some extra TLC. If you've done your research and you're feeling frisky, doing the dirty on a balcony can leave you reaching for the stars.

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