8 Secrets You've Shared With Your Mom Since Day One & Still Can

Let's be honest: The real superheroes of the world are moms. The way they can balance their own lives while consistently supporting you and your dreams is some serious magic. (I'm in awe as I'm currently trying to find the right balance between work and my social life.) It's clear that moms are next level. Your mom might even be your BFF, and like any best friendship, you know there are secrets you've shared with your mom since day one, and still can.

In my opinion, the two main ingredients in any great relationship are trust and honesty. There's no doubt in your mind that you have both of those with your mom. From your days of tattling on the kid who took your bestie's pudding bites at recess, to now calling her when you've had a bad day, she's always there for you.

It's such a relief knowing that there's always someone who's ready to listen. Also, you know that whatever you say to your mom will be kept locked away in the most secure vault. I could go on and on, praising my own mom, but you get the point. You're been sharing these eight secrets with your mom for years, and that's why she is the greatest of all time.

Everything You're Afraid Of
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You're not afraid to admit to your mom your biggest fears, because she's been there to help you overcome them. When you were little, she helped tackle the monsters in your closet, and got you a cool nightlight when you were afraid of the dark. Your fears may change as you get older, but she's always there to help you conquer them.

Every Secret You Keep Between Friends
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You may be a little overwhelmed with secrets within your own friend group, like when someone admits a new crush or one friend is angry with another. If you're anything like me, you might not be able to contain all of that hot gossip. That's why you tell your mom. She listens as you vent out everything you need to dish, and keeps all of those secrets locked away in that special mom vault of hers.

When You Do Something Super Embarrassing

You feel no shame in telling your mom every embarrassing story you have. There's a no judgement zone when it comes to her. For example, I call my mom and tell her whenever I rip my pants or trip in front of a massive crowd. She can always turn a mortifying experience into a funny story.

Things You Don't Want Your Siblings To Find Out About

You may be really close to your siblings and tell each other almost everything. However, there are a few things that are just between you and your mom. Remember when she helped you cover up that one time you accidentally spilled grape juice on your sister's favorite sweater? Yeah, she's the best.

Every Little Growing Pain You Experience
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You might remember the excruciating experience of having to shop for your very first bra. It was embarrassing and you probably hid behind racks of clothes in case someone you knew might walk by. Your mom was cool as a cucumber, ready to keep your secret.

She's always been there through your growing pains. From your first period, to the struggles of doing taxes for the first time. She is there to help you get through it all.

How Messy Your Bedroom Can Actually Get On The Daily

I'll admit it, the way I present my apartment when I know I have guests coming over is not the way my apartment looks on the regular. My bedroom always has piles of laundry and clothes thrown about, but when friends are coming over, I pick it all up and do some serious cleaning. My mom, however, knows exactly what my mess looks like. There's no trying to pool the wool over her eyes, that's for sure!

Every Dream You've Ever Had

Growing up, you always revealed to your mom every dream you've ever had. She encouraged you to reach for the stars. Even now, your mom is your biggest cheerleader, and you can tell her about the big and small dreams you might not be ready to tell anyone else quite yet.

The Fact That You'll Always Need Her Help
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You're an independent woman who's taking control of adulthood, but deep down, you know you still need your mom. There's nothing wrong with that.

I still call my mom all the time when I need help or solid advice. To my friends, I look like I'm totally crushing it, and they'll never know that my secret weapon is my mom.