10 Times Your Mom Is Still Your Number One Cheerleader In Your 20s

There's no denying that my favorite person in the entire world is my mom. She's my best friend and biggest support system. I text her almost every single day, and call her more times than the average daughter should. It's all because she's consistently the one person I know I can turn to, no matter what. If you're blessed with an incredible mother-daughter relationship like I am, you know there's no denying how special your bond is. There are even times your mom is still your number one cheerleader in your 20s that showcase just how awesome she is.

I'm not talking about a cheerleader who likes your Instagram selfies and sends you inspirational quotes. Your mom may do that, but her support goes way beyond social media. She was there when you had your first dance recital, and when you graduated high school. Plus, her title of "biggest fan ever" doesn't stop the minute you leave the nest. Even though the struggle can be real at times in your 20s, you know you can make it through anything, because your mom's right there. In fact, I think a mom text is needed right now as I say, "thanks" to her for these 10 times she was my favorite cheerleader.

She Pushes You To Shoot For That Job Promotion
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In your mom's eyes, you should be CEO already. She knows your true potential, and won't let you settle for anything less. Anytime there's a chance for growth in your job, your mom is the first one to push you to go for it. She will likely proofread your resumes and cover letters, and even practice interviews with you.

She Doesn't Ask You Why You're Single
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Your mom knows that you're the best. As much as she'd like to see you happy in a relationship, she's not putting any pressure on you to find a partner anytime soon. She wants you to find someone worthy of your greatness, which is why she doesn't feel the need to pressure you into settling.

She Brags About You To All Of Her Friends
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Sometimes, I'll run into my mom's friend and they'll already know everything that's going on in my life. It's because my mom already told them. Your mom can't wait to brag about anything and everything. She's basically like the greatest hype person of all time.

She Posts Pictures Of You Literally Everywhere
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If your mom is on social media, she's probably posting a lot of pictures of you. In fact, her profile pic right now is one of the two of you together. You may do it for the 'Gram, but she does it just for you.

She Reaches Out When You Have Something Major Happening

When you have a big interview or special date coming up, your mom will call or text you that day to send good vibes your way. She wants you to know that she's there for you even if she can't physically be there in the room holding a big sign. I always feel confident enough to take on the world after getting a text from my mom.

No Matter The Distance, She'll Be There For You
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I may live far from my mom, but I know that if I ever need her, she'd do everything she could to be there. In fact, she traveled to see one of my big comedy shows, and even came to help me with a big move. I feel eternally grateful, and you do as well, knowing that your mom is just a phone call away.

She's Not Pressuring You To Move Back Home

As much as your mom would love to have you move back home, she knows that's not right for you. She's not pressuring you to give up on your dreams to come live with her, unless that's what you want. She only pushes you forward — never back.

She Tries Really Hard To Understand What Your Job Is All About
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My mom will forever be confused on what freelance work is, but she tries really hard to understand it. It may be an interesting concept to a different generation, but your mom is supportive to the core. Sure, you may have to explain it to her again, but just know it's because she's trying.

She's The First One To Call To Say, "Congrats"
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When something big happens, like a job promotion or signing the lease for a new apartment, your mom is the first one to call or FaceTime and say, "Congrats." My mom even takes it a step further, and sends me cards on the regular — even little ones to say congrats on getting through a tough week at work.

If She's Ever Hard On You, It's Because She Knows Your Potential
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If your mom is ever hard on you, you know it's coming from a good place. She's always been the one to see your full potential, and wants you to reach it. She won't let you give up so easily. Some days, adulting is really difficult, but my mom is the first one to give me the tough love I need to keep going.