Why Your Sister Is & Always Will Be The Best Person In Your Life

From your high school friends and college buds, to your coworkers and roomies, you're surrounded by a lot of dope people in your life. But out of all of those humans, there's only room for one person to take on the role of your bestie. If you happen to have a sister, there's no question that she's that person, because she gets you on another level. I may be completely biased as someone who's #blessed with a truly awesome sis, but there are so many reasons why your sister is the best person in your life.

When it comes to a sister, she's been there since day one, and doesn't have plans of going anywhere. She's likely the most consistent friend in your life, and you share more than just a combined love of TV shows, food, and music. Sisters share the same genes, and that makes you similar on so many levels. It's why your bond is so strong without even trying.

Sure, you love your best friend, but when it comes to the one person who has helped you through it all, that is your sister. That's why she checks off all the necessary things, like these eight reasons that prove she's the best person you have.

You Can Talk To Her About Literally Anything

Pick a topic, any topic. No matter what you decide on, it's something you can easily gab to your sister about. I've gone to my sister for things like dating advice, venting about friends, and even complaints about menstrual cramps. No subject is off the table when it comes to your favorite human. You've got something to say, and she will always be there to listen.

She Knows Exactly How To Make You Laugh When You Really Need It
Ivo de Bruijn/Stocksy

Over the years, you and your sis have developed so many inside jokes, that you could fill an entire Netflix special with them. Other than you two, no one else would get the jokes, but that's what makes them so special. Your sis is the one person who could send you a simple text when you're having a bad day that will have you laughing so hard you cry in no time.

You Have A Secret Language That No One Else Understands

You don't even have to say a word, and with just a simple glance, you understand everything your sister's saying. It's that secret sister language. It helps in situations where you can't use your words, but want to convey an entire story. It's pretty much a superhero power that comes in handy more times than you would think.

She's The Keeper Of Your Embarrassing Secrets

I'm truly lucky to have a sister I can trust with every embarrassing story and secret in my life. She's the keeper of all throwback pics I'm not ready to share quite yet on Thursday, and knows the cringe-worthy stories of my youth I want to keep locked away. She's the one person in the world you feel zero shame with, so she knows all, and lucky for you, her lips are sealed.

She's Truly The "Forever" In BFF

Some friends come and go, but your family is forever. That's why your sister isn't going anywhere. Even when you fight, or live far from each other, there's nothing that's going to separate the two you. Sure, you have some pretty spectacular girlfriends, but your sister is your best friend forever.

She's Got Your Back Even When She Doesn't Know What's Going On

I go to my sister to vent about every frustration in my life. No matter what the issue is, she will be on my side — even if she's totally lost on who I'm talking about or what the actual problem is. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen, be on your side, and throw in an occasional, "you're right," when you need to hear it.

She's Your Emergency Contact In Every Situation

Just like Cristina Yang put Meredith Grey down as her emergency contact in Grey's Anatomy, your sister is also "your person." Whether it's an actual medical emergency or something like heartbreak, you know to call her for anything. Even if your sister is bad at responding to texts or answering calls, she will be there in a heartbeat when you need her the most.

She Knows Exactly What Would Go In Your Perfect Care Package

When given the opportunity to put together the perfect care package for you, you know your sister would kill it. She knows your favorite snacks, movies, and even little random tchotchkes that would make everyone else scratch their heads in confusion, but you jump for joy. She just knows you better than you know yourself. (That's a top notch skill right there.)