8 Times In Life Your Sister Should Always Come First, Before Your SO

The cardinal rule for sisterhood is simple: You should be there for each other at all costs. Your sister has been your main chick since day one, because she's your birthright BFF and the love is so genuine. She's one of the most amazing people you know, and you are always loyal to her, even if you're in a relationship. Of course, you and your SO have a pretty spectacular bond, but there are still times your sister should come first.

If you have a sister, you know you'd drop anything to be there for her. She needs your help in any way? You grab your cape and turn into Captain Save A Sis real quick. To say that your sister takes priority over your SO at times doesn't mean you're purposely creating a hierarchy of who has your heart. It's the way you're wired and your SO should respect your loyalty. These are specific times — not on the reg — where you really just need your sister or have to be there for her.

The bond you have with your sister shouldn't be a surprise to your SO, anyway. They likely had to pass all of her tests and appease that mental checklist she had for the type of person she thinks you deserve. So, I'm not throwing shade at your SO, but when it comes to these eight things, they've got to take the backseat to your sis.

When You're In Need Of A Crucial Gossip Session

You can't have a gossip session with just anyone. That's how you get caught up in drama, so save that for the soap operas. You need that one solid person you can trust to keep the conversation between the two of you. Your sister has been your go-to gossip buddy forever, and if you don't get to see her as often, you two seriously need to spill the tea.

When You Need Moral Support For Talking To Your Parents About Something

Sure, your SO could give you a bit of what you need, but your sis is the real pro in this department. Your parents are her parents, and she has dealt with them in almost every scenario you have. You know she has a tendency to give the best pep talks ever, too.

When She's Going Through A Tough Breakup

You've always been there for your sister through her relationship ups and downs. That isn't going to change just because you and your SO are really hitting things off. Your main squeeze depends on you to be her shoulder to cry on, her voice of reason, and her words of encouragement.

When You Need An Epic Girls' Night In Your Life

There's no such thing as an awesome girls' night if your sister isn't involved. You two are the coolest chicks at the bar once you hit the dance floor, and you wouldn't pop open your favorite bottle of rosé with just anyone. You need this girl time to revamp and catch up with your main lady. There are seriously therapeutic qualities involved in a girls' night. Trust me.

When She Needs To Vent About A Bad Date

You and your sister have an agreement. When it comes to dates, you know who the person is, where you're going, and a code word if you really want to bail. When a date goes terribly wrong, your sis needs to vent immediately or she might even need you to pick her up altogether. Bad dates suck, but they happen.

When You Need Your Hair Braided To Complete Your Outfit

Having your hair braided by your sis takes you back to when you were kids. She always did such an amazing job, and it's an overall bonding experience. Your SO can braid your hair, too, but you don't like to pass up the chance when your sister can do it. It's a tradition you don't intend on breaking.

When You're Fighting With Your BFF

Fighting with your BFF can be such a miserable experience. Whether it's over something big or small, you need your birthright BFF to weigh in. You can try and explain this to your SO, but that would take a lot of time getting them up to speed. Your sis knows it all, and can offer her input on the situation immediately.

When She's Making A Huge Adulting Decision

Is your sister deciding if she wants to move to a new city, or change positions in her job? She needs you more than ever to help weigh her options or give her crucial life advice. Adulting with your sister involves creating a solid support system. You two are both new to this, but you have each other.

Shoutout to the SOs who truly understand the unbreakable bond and dedication between sisters. It truly is a lifelong relationship.