7 Times Your Sister Should Be Given A Free Pass, Because She's The Real MVP

The relationship you have with your sister is an undeniably special one. When it comes to being your family, she's your closest confidant. When it comes to being your best friend, she's the only partner in crime you'd want to tackle this thing called life with. Since your sis truly is one of a kind, there are definitely times your sister deserves a free pass — aka, special treatment. It's like when Meatloaf sang, "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that." That one thing is something you would actually do for your sister.

No one else receives these privileges, so if you're a sister, you should be thankful that this exclusive VIP pass is available to you as well. These seven situations may normally result in some pretty serious consequences, but when it comes to your sis being the culprit, you let them slide. I'm pretty sure with most of these, if anyone else did them, we probably couldn't be friends. However, if my sister is the one who's at fault, I may be a little annoyed at first, but then I end up caving. That's just the power of a true sisterhood. It may not make total sense, but you understand it if you're also in the sister club.

Eyeing The Same Dress

You and your sister have been sharing closets for years — whether you wanted to or not. That's probably why you have very similar taste when it comes to fashion. There have probably been a few occasions when you both stepped out of the dressing room and realized you were wearing the exact same thing. It happens to the best of us.

It's only when you both happen to be eyeing the same incredibly adorable dress where things can get a little bit tricky. You assess the situation, and if your sister has a special occasion she really wants to wear it to, you let her win this round. Plus, you're cool with it, because you know she'll always have it in her closet, so it's up for grabs to "borrow."

Getting Away With Being Brutally Honest

Some of us hold back on being brutally honest with our friends because we're too afraid of hurting them. Your sister doesn't fear the backlash. She knows the truth is better than anything, and she also has that free pass in her pocket, so she knows she'll be forgiven at some point. Ultimately, you're glad she took a chance and said something, because she always ends up being right.

Borrowing Without Asking

Let's face it, if you have a sister, you've definitely "borrowed" something without asking one too many times. You have probably also gotten caught in the act doing it. Your sis might be a little upset, but you have a natural understanding that what's yours is hers, and you also know what's hers is totally yours.

Calling At Crazy Hours Of The Night

You know you can call your sister at any time, and I mean, any time. Even if you've been out late and remember a funny story that you have to tell her, you don't let the fact that it is at 3 a.m. stop you from dialing her digits. You'll probably wake her up and she'll be cranky AF, but she'll get over it because you girls are soul sisters.

Sharing Horrible Pictures On Instagram
Rachel Chapman/Instagram

A quality throwback pic will always make you crack a smile on Instagram, but some pictures should remain in the past. Usually when someone shares a picture of you on social media that you absolutely hate, you're pissed at them. However, when your sister does it, you just laugh it off. This is most likely because you have a few solid #TBT pics of your own that you want to share.

Calling You Names

You and your sister probably have some pretty whacky nicknames for each other. Those nicknames can also get a little colorful when you're upset. You both know that no matter what you call each other when you're angry, you don't really mean it.

Eating Your Food

Eating food off your plate could be a total deal breaker. It was for Joey Tribbiani on Friends, but you're open to sharing your food with your sis. She may steal some fries when you're not looking, and you know you're going to steal some of hers right back.