8 Things All Sisters Fight About At 12 & Still At 25

Your sister is the best friend since birth. She has been there since day one, and will be the one friend who will stick by your side for the rest of your life. The thing about sisters is they are there, even when you don't want them to be. As much as you love your sister and she is basically your other half, you can also fight a lot. In fact, there are some things sisters fight about that we fought about when we were 12, and we still find ourselves fighting about at 25.

You can't help it. You will find little things that you disagree on, and since you're so close and comfortable with each other, you can be brutally honest about it. Luckily, she is family, so you know perfectly well how to handle any dispute. You've been fighting about the same situations for years, so you're basically pros on how to handle it all when you sense a disagreement brewing. That's what happens when you spend almost all of your time with someone you love. You have probably fought with your sister over these eight things, but you both love each other. You know disputes come and go, but sisters are forever.

When You Borrow Her Stuff

Let's be honest, you've been raiding your sister's closet for years. It's a compliment. She has great style. Your sister may even be the one who goes through your closet and steals your fave stuff. Either way, you know that the minute someone gets caught wearing someone else's sweater, all hell will break loose. You just have to remember that sometimes it's nice to share — sometimes.

When You're Brutally Honest

You have a right as sisters to be completely honest with each other. You don't trust anyone else to tell you the whole truth. Even when you don't necessarily want to hear it, your sister will tell you what is up. After your immediate anger from hearing the truth, you'll remember your sister was only trying to help and you'll see she was right.

Who's The Favorite

This is a fight you'll never win, but for some reason it always comes up. You know the real answer is your parents love you both equally, but that doesn't stop you from trying to be your parent's favorite daughter. Even when holidays or birthdays come around, you compare presents to see who got the best gifts. The people who are most fed up with this continuous fight are your parents. You might be a little more subtle at 25, but this fight is still fair game.

When She Doesn't Hang Out With You

Sometimes you feel a little like Anna from Frozen, knocking on your sister's door, begging her to hang out with you. When you were kids, you fought when she wouldn't play video games with you. Now, you fight when she won't go to the movies with you. Sometimes, she just doesn't have the energy to go out, and you have to respect that.

Who Gets Control Of The TV

The fight over the remote is real, and it is strong. My sister and I have had major disputes over who gains control over the TV. You would think in the age of DVR, Netflix, and Hulu we could all agree on one thing to watch, but when one sister wants to watch The Crown and the other wants to watch Game of Thrones, there is no compromise.

Sorry, not sorry. Give me the remote... ASAP.

Who Has The Better Group Of Friends

Your sister is your best friend, but you have other non-related best friends, too. You and your sister will have disputes over who's non-sister best friend is better. You truly believe your friend group is more fun and supportive than hers. Why can't we all be friends?

Who Has The Better Genes

If you and your sister share the same parents, you have been fighting over who has the better genes for years. You might fight over wishing you had your sister's eye color, or her wishing she had your hair. At the end of the day, none of it truly matters because you both have great genes and you're totally lucky for that.

Who Was Right In That Fight From Years Ago

You might not even remember every detail of the fight, but you and your sister have one disagreement that you have been arguing over for years. It's all silly and petty now, but every once in awhile it gets brought up and you will argue about it still. You don't even care about the details. It's all about who was right then. You agree to disagree, but it will come up again a few years later. Just you wait and see. This topic is never going away.