8 Quick & Easy Halloween Recipes For The Lazy Girl Who Wants To Look Like She's Got It Together

Halloween will be here sooner than we expected. You probably made plans with your friends awhile ago thinking you had all the time in the world to prepare, but the day is quite literally like a zombie and it's slowly creeping up behind you. I can totally relate to the lazy girl who left all of the planning until the last minute. I’ve definitely found corn in the back of my freezer that I made in minutes for a potluck, and acted like it took me hours to prepare. I can relate to the need for quick and easy Halloween treats to make when you’re feeling lazy AF (but want all of your friends to think you have your sh*t together).

You don’t want your friends showing up to your party, or you showing up to theirs, without any food. I mean, Halloween is all about the snacks, so they’re definitely essential for a monster mash bash. That’s why these eight Halloween recipes are absolutely perfect, because they’re super simple and you can throw them together when the clock is winding down and your party is about to begin. We’ve totally got your back, so you can keep on looking like the cool queen you are this Halloween, despite also secretly being a procrastinator to the extreme.

Super Cute Mini Caramel Apple Pops
Garrett Hahn on YouTube

This video has a few last-minute Halloween snacks, but the mini caramel apple pops are so quick and easy. Everyone will be in awe of how much of genius you are to make bite-sized caramel apples. You don't have to tell them they were made literally minutes before you left for the party. It'll be our little secret.

There's A Spiderweb In My Bean Dip
Tasty on YouTube

This video has some seriously savory snacks that are perfect for any party, but the spiderweb bean dip is a must. You can start with any signature bean dip you like and know how to make. Then, by arranging the sour cream into a web design, you have an instant Halloween-themed snack.

Blood Splatter Sugar Cookies
themissalliecakes on YouTube

There are so many tasty-looking snacks in this video, but an extremely easy one to make is the blood splatter sugar cookies. Take any store-bought sugar cookies, or one of those delicious slice and bake cookie doughs. Add the white frosting, and splatter on the "blood," aka the red coloring. It's crazy how easy these cookies are to make, and they turn out looking oh-so-festive for the occasion.

Oreo Cookie Jack Skellington Pops
themissalliecakes on YouTube

I personally love anything with Oreos in it. That's why the Jack Skellington Oreo pops are so great. All you need is a package of Oreos, some white chocolate, and candy markers. If you don't have time to draw on the Jack Skellington face, you can always just have white cookie pops and tell all of your friends they're ghost pops. Duh.

Green Ooze Drinks
HeyBritttany on YouTube

If you were tasked with bringing a beverage to your Halloween party, here is a super simple recipe for a green ooze drink. It looks creepy AF, but really it's just green Jell-O, apple juice, and club soda. You'll look super clever bringing this instead of your usual last-minute liter of coke.

No-Bake Pumpkin Clementines And Ghost Bananas
MamiChula8153 on YouTube

A fruit tray you purchase from your local grocery store on the way to your party is usually your go-to, but here is a quick and easy recipe for clementines that look like pumpkins, and bananas that look like adorable ghosts. It's perfect for the Halloween theme, and it'll look way more in the spirit of the holiday than a store-bought tray.

Wickedly Yummy Witch Hat Cookies
beautygivemeabeat on YouTube

It will literally take you seconds to make these witch hat cookies. You just need store-bought cookies, a bag of Hershey's kisses, and some orange decorating icing. It's so easy, they'll be done like magic.

Mummy Hot Dogs
Haley Cairo on YouTube

This video has some great savory Halloween snack recipes, but I love the mummy hot dogs. This a fun take on the usual party go-to of pigs in a blanket, but now it's a mummy. You can totally add the mummy face with mustard or ketchup. The best part? It also only takes about 15 minutes to make.