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Take These Insta Pics In Your Loungewear This Fall, Cozy Queen

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In the fall, all you want to do is curl up in your coziest loungewear with a pumpkin spice latte within arm's reach. The warm, fuzzy feeling you get when rocking a cardigan and sweatpants set is irreplaceable. Not only do you feel good, but you look super cute as well, so don't wait another minute to snap these pictures to take in your loungewear this fall and spread peak comfy vibes on the 'gram.

It's time to switch out your go-to sweater selfies for some unique loungewear content that'll keep your feed fresh throughout the season. Invest in a quality phone tripod, set your camera to self-timer mode, and make it your mission to be inspired by all eight of these fall loungewear photo ideas. They incorporate some of your favorite fall activities, such as sippin' a chai tea latte from your go-to mug and decorating your home with autumnal decor.

Whether you're hitting the courts for a tennis match with your roomie or you have important plans with your bed to stream Halloween movies all afternoon, there's an Insta-worthy opportunity in your near future. By capturing these mems, you'll end up with some pretty rad photos that'll be a constant reminder that you truly are the coziest fall queen of all.

The "Feeling Sporty AF" Picture

Who said you can't be cozy and sporty? That's what athleisure wear like LA Collective's Morgan Stewart Sport collection was made for. Before you head out on your way to a tennis match or a walk with your best furry friend, snap a pic getting ready to go. Situate your camera on the ground and squat for a sweet angle of you tying your white sneakers or adjusting your high ponytail with a statement scrunchie.

The "Having A Bloomin' Fall" Picture

You can't wait to break out your autumnal decor and give your home a seasonal makeover. After setting up your plastic pumpkins, fall-scented candles, and orange fairy lights, treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh fall blooms ($39, Capture a plandid as you arrange your new flowers in a whimsical vase while wearing a cozy floral crewneck ($40,, oversized headband ($20,, and messy bun.

The "You Better Beleaf I Love You Furry Much" Picture

Most of the snaps on your phone are of your best fluffy companion — your pup or cat. That's where the "You Better Beleaf I Love You Furry Much" picture comes into play this fall.

Get yourself and your furry friend matching sweaters ($110, in your fave fall hues. Then, set up a self-timer or take an adorable video cuddling up together in a pile of leaves. Screenshot your fave moments for a furry cute picture.

The "Way Too Cozy To Leave Bed Today" Picture
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Sometimes, your bed is far too cozy to leave. Embrace those lazy day #feels with a photo shoot from the comforts of your sheets. Wrap yourself up in a faux fur weighted blanket ($169, or a fresh duvet ($155, Then, set up your self-timer and snap some pics while you stretch out in a cropped tee ($39, and tie-dye shorts ($49, High socks, a messy bun, and your fave coffee drink are also invited to this photo opp.

The "Getting Lost In A Juicy Read" Picture

On extra crisp fall days, all you want to do is stay inside and get lost in your latest romance novel. Set up a comfy reading nook by the window or in a corner of your bedroom. Make sure there are plenty of fuzzy blankets and ivy string lights ($16, all around for added effect. Pose for a pic while reading your book in a cotton robe coat ($98, and crown braid. Have your fave mug ($25, on deck for enjoying a latte as you turn the pages.

The "Just A Cozy Cu-Tea Over Here" Picture

While some people sip pumpkin spice lattes nonstop in the fall, you might prefer a cozy tea. This picture is an ode to that.

Set up a teatime set ($38, with a matching teapot and cups. Make your fave fall blend like an apple strudel oolong ($4, or pumpkin chai ($10,, and set up a platter of almost-too-cute-to-eat cake truffles ($38,

Snap a picture in a grey ribbed crewneck ($107, or comfy orange hoodie dress ($30, while you sip your tea. Don't forget — pinkies up!

The "Feelin' Like A Hallow-Queen" Picture
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It's time to get in the Halloween spirit. Surround yourself with a bunch of felt pumpkins ($7, and plastic pumpkins ($12, While sitting in the middle of your pumpkin display, snap a picture rocking braids, a hooded tunic, cotton flannel pants ($20,, and a tiara ($55, that's fit for a Hallow-queen.

The "Back-To-School Nostalgia" Picture

No matter what stage of life you're in, fall is a nostalgic time that reminds you of back-to-school days. Embrace the throwback feels and set up a blanket fort in your living room.

Get a cute photo sitting in your dreamy oasis with a very '90s-style loungewear set, complete with a color block hoodie ($85, and vibrant pair of sweatpants ($225, You can even get yourself some butterfly clips ($8, for a true throwback hairstyle. Don't forget to break out your lava lamp for this one.

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