8 Photos Of Disney On St. Patrick's Day That'll Have You Irishin' You Were There

If you're looking for a magical St. Patrick's Day, look no further than a Disney park. You know the place that sparkles with Tinker Bell's pixie dust wouldn't miss out on an opportunity to celebrate this shamrockin' holiday. No matter what Disney park you decide to visit, you will encounter a lot of green, and a ton of magic. From the treats to the castle, photos of Disney on St. Patrick's Day just prove that it truly is the place to be.

You're probably already aware that Disney goes all out for Christmas and Halloween with their decorations and limited-time treats — but that doesn't mean they don't go ham for other holidays as well. Disney is like that friend who always finds a reason to celebrate — so you know they will be embracing the festivities on St. Patrick's Day, too.

If you don't have plans yet for Saturday, Mar. 17 — and are close to the parks — you should definitely head to Disney for the day. You don't need me to convince you. Just look at these eight photos of Disney on St. Patrick's Day, and you'll be feeling the luck of the Irish. Just don't forget to add something green to your Mickey ears before you head out, and have a happy St. Patrick's Day.

"Be Our Guest" For Some Green Drinks
carlxvincent on Twitter

At Epcot, you have the opportunity to drink around the world — if you're 21 and up — with the 11 countries represented. What better way to spend your St. Patrick's Day than by sippin' and strollin' around the World Showcase? This green beer in the United Kingdom Pavilion will certainly make for a solid toast.

We Can All A-Green That The Dapper Dans Are Lookin' Good
colchester1 on Twitter

The Dapper Dans can always be found crooning around Main Street. They sing some of your favorite Disney hits, and usually wear rainbow-riffic outfits. But for the holiday, they're decked out in all green. Good choice, because anyone not wearing green on this day gets pinched. We can't risk that.

Irish I Could Get My Hands On Some Limited Release Pins
foster_justine on Twitter

Disney fans can be major pin collectors. I know I've fallen victim to the pin craze. If you're a Disney pin lover, you'll adore theSt. Patrick's Day pins available this time of year, like this Chip and Dale one.

Someone Call Sleeping Beauty, Because Her Castle's Gone Green
leniyoldoe on Twitter

Don't worry — the castle's not sick. It's just getting in the St. Patty's Day spirit by dressing head to toe in green. If you've never seen a Disney castle light up at night, you need to make a trip to see it soon. It truly is something that will make you believe in that Disney magic.

Get Your Face Paint On For That Touch Of Green
boughsofhollyy on Twitter

If you've been to Disneyland a bunch and always walk by their face paint stands thinking, "One day I'll get my face painted," St. Patrick's Day is the day to finally do it. For the holiday, get something like a glittery four-leaf clover or a colorful rainbow with a pot of gold painted on. If Disney teaches you anything, it's that you're never too old to rock some face paint.

Seeing So Many Green Balloons Is Totally Uplifting
whitesox89 on Twitter

The Mickey balloons are just as iconic as a Mickey ice cream and churro. This is the perfect time to finally snag one of your own. I always go back and forth on what color to choose, but on St. Patrick's Day, the color choice has never been easier.

Here's a tip if you're looking for that special Insta-pic — snag a pic holding a bunch of balloons just by asking the castmember selling them. They'll gladly let you take a picture with their balloons like you're Carl from Up about to float away.

There's No Better Time Than St. Pat's Day To Visit "The Little Man Of Disneyland"
epicdisneygirl on Twitter

For anyone who doesn't know, The Little Man of Disneyland is a leprechaun who resides in an extremely small house in Disneyland. His home is located in Adventureland. Stop by to wish him a Happy St. Patrick's Day — I'm sure he'll love it.

Feelin' Lucky With Some Fireworks To End The Day
disneylandberry on Twitter

Of course, Disney has a special fireworks show to end the day. You think you've seen fireworks, but you haven't really seen fireworks until you've seen what Disney can do. They always bring on all of the tears — I guess I'm just sappy — but it really is the perfect way to end your holiday.