8 Peyton & Lucas Moments From 'OTH' That Every Hopeless Romantic Will Appreciate

Honestly, Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill are the definition of relationship goals. Sure, they had their ups and downs, and at times, we were grinding our teeth wondering if these two would actually end up together. Even when they first meet, they were dating other people, but true love prevails in Tree Hill, and Leyton (Lucas and Peyton) ended up together. Our little hearts cannot take it. Watching their love story unfold through different Peyton and Lucas moments from One Tree Hill definitely brings out the hopeless romantic in all of us.

For the girl who always believed that "everyone leaves," she found someone who stayed. Lucas and Peyton may have gone their separate ways with other people at times, but like magnets, they always came back to each other. Lucas even revealed in his vows to Peyton, “I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you. And this ring, and these words, are simply a way to show the rest of the world what has been in my heart for as long as I’ve known you. I love you, Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer. I always have and I always will." *Swoon* Who needs a fairy tale with princesses when you have these eight Peyton and Lucas moments? They will truly make you believe in a happily ever after.

When Peyton Thought Lucas Didn’t Know Her

When Peyton's car broke down on the side of the road, Lucas came to her rescue. Peyton waited for Nathan to come pick her up, and Lucas decided to stay and keep her company. It's the first time we were really cheering for this duo as a potential couple. Even if Peyton seemed annoyed, we all knew she was low-key falling in love with Lucas Scott (like the rest of us).

When They Kissed For The Very First Time

When Peyton kissed Lucas for the first time, she wanted it to be just physical. When he paused to tell her that he didn't just want the physical, he wanted all of it, it was extremely adorable, until Peyton ran away because she was scared. C'mon girlfriend, your dream man just said he wants to love all of you. The rest of us were all in at that point. Get with it, Peyton.

When Lucas Told Peyton Her "Art Matters"

When Lucas discovered Peyton's art, she got mad at him, but later on, he told her that her "art matters" and, "it's what got me here." That's one of the dreamiest things anyone could say to an artist like Peyton. That's another special moment when we all knew they were soulmates.

When Lucas Said He Used To Watch Peyton

Even though they weren't together at this time, because Peyton believed Lucas loved Brooke, we all knew they were supposed to be together. I mean, no one was really believing their "friendship," especially when Lucas told Peyton he used to watch her all the time, specifically her legs, in freshman and sophomore year. You wouldn't say that to your friend.

When Lucas Saved Peyton's Life
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When Peyton fought for her life after being shot, Lucas came to her rescue. After losing a lot of blood, Peyton told Lucas she loved him, just in case. But, like a knight in shining armor, Lucas risked his own life for Peyton and carried her out of the school. See, it truly is a fairy tale.

When Lucas And Peyton Had An Adorable Food Fight
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What's cuter than a flirty food fight? When Peyton put too much salt in the cookie dough, Lucas decided it was better for throwing than for baking. It seems like he found the best option for that salty dough, in my opinion. That kitchen was a complete mess, but Peyton and Lucas didn't really care, and neither did we.

When Lucas Told Peyton She’s His Dream Girl
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Peyton believed that Lucas saw Brooke as his dream girl, so she stepped out of the way. However, after winning the basketball game, Lucas found Peyton and told her when all his dreams come true, he wants her next to him. It's always been Peyton to Lucas. Oh, stop it, we can't handle how perfect these two are together.

When Peyton Talked About Lucas In Her Baby Video
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Grab the tissues, because this moment is a tearjerker. When Peyton wasn't sure if she was going to survive giving birth to their child, she left a goodbye video. She talked about all of the people in her life, and when she got to the part about Lucas, the feels were too much to handle.