8 Perks Of Having A Bachelorette Party Close To Home That You'll Say "Yes" To

Let me just say, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. It's a very exciting time, and wedding planning is in full swing. As you're going down the checklist of things for your big day, the one that you keep going back to is planning your bachelorette party with your squad. You can't wait to celebrate, but you aren't sure how or where. There's always the traditional trip to Vegas, or a weekend away at a beach house. Traveling is always a fun option, but the perks of having a bachelorette party close to home sometimes outweigh it all.

Of course, I personally would love to have a bachelorette party like the one from Crazy Rich Asians and rent out an entire island for my friends to travel to. Unfortunately, until I have a really rich bank account, I'm settling for whatever is the easiest plan. If you're full of wanderlust, traveling for your bachelorette party may seem like the more appealing option, but you may be forgetting about these eight perks you get by staying close. You want a party you'll remember forever with your favorite people, so why not go as big as you can? After all, you might as well go big, because you're already close to home.

There's No Stress Of Having To Pack Party Favors

As appealing as traveling to new destinations can be, you always seem to forget the stress of having to pack before your trip. I am a constant over-packer, and the thought of having to add in party favors for all of my bridesmaids as well as is too much to fathom. Take away the stress by not having to fit all of your party fun in one suitcase.

You Can Invite Everyone You Want

By keeping it close to home, you can invite everyone you want. It doesn't have to be limited your bridal party. Open it up to your entire squad plus your other friends, so that you can have a bachelorette party with everyone you love.

Your Squad Will Likely Save A Lot Of Money
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Any bride on a budget is always looking for a good deal for herself and for her bridesmaids. Not having to factor in flights and hotels will allow you to save money that can be put towards other expenses. You could even use the saved money to splurge a little more on fun items for your celebration, like matching shirts and Etsy party kits.

You Can Make It More Of An All Weekend Event

When you have a getaway planned, the traveling to and from can get in the way of your partying. As much as you think the adventure begins at the airport, it really doesn't. However, when you stay close, you're already in party mode right from the start. What's better than every second of a long weekend event filled with a ton of activities?

You Have The Freedom To Get More Creative With The Festivities
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A getaway bachelorette party is all about the destination. The one thing on the itinerary is just exploring the new location. However, if you're home, you have the freedom to get creative with your party plans. Plan a scavenger hunt around town since you know it so well, or plan a glamping adventure in your own backyard with lots of fairy lights and tasty treats.

There Will Be Easy Access To Everything You Need

I don't know about you, but I always seem to forget at least one thing when I'm traveling. You don't have to worry about missing or forgetting something when you're at home. You're close to everything you need. Plus, you know the area so well that if you do forget something, it's a quick fix.

You Can Coordinate With Bae's Party

Staying close makes it easier to coordinate with the bae's party as well, if they can be planned for the same weekend. You don't necessarily want to be sitting at home when bae is away at their party, and they may feel the same way. That's why it could be convenient to keep them on the same weekend, and that's easier to do when you don't have to plan lots of traveling. Some couples might even decide to combine the two parties!

You Can Be Much More Flexible With Your Timing

Since you don't have to book flights and hotels months in advance, you have the flexibility to plan out your party when it's convenient for you and all of your friends. You also have the luxury of picking the most stress-free time that isn't too far away from your big day, but not too close. When everything else has a strict timeline, flexibility is your favorite thing.