The 8 Most Romantic Disney Princes, Ranked From Dreamy To Dreamiest

Walt Disney Pictures/Silver Screen Partners IV/ Walt Disney Feature Animation

I, like so many other little girls, spent an enormous chunk of my childhood fantasizing about Disney princes. With every new movie, it seemed like the heartthrobs just got better and better, and fortunately, after a while, the female characters began to be depicted with more depth and complexity as well. Deciding on the most romantic Disney princes definitely has a lot to do with personal taste, seeing as the types depicted on screen vary quite a bit, and romance is far from being one-size-fits-all. Sure, most of them have some "princely" characteristics that often overlap — like, bravery, good looks, chiseled physiques, etc. — but there are a few princes that stand out from the rest.

When it comes to romantic potential, I'm sorry to say that not all princes rise to the top. Some have flaws that are just impossible to overlook, while others are so bland it hurts. However, a handful of them (if they weren't cartoons) would make very romantic baes. Here are some of the most romantic (and dreamy) Disney princes that I wish were real, because I think we can all agree — being a prince isn't a requirement, but it's certainly a major plus.

Flynn Rider

Look, there's no denying that Flynn (aka, Eugene) is a total babe who's got the bedroom eyes on lock. Unfortunately, he also comes off as a bit of a troll for most of Tangled. Despite the fact that he turns out to be good in the end, he's a bit too into himself for my taste. That said, he genuinely ends up falling for Rapunzel and leaving his player tendencies in the past — so yeah, I'm not mad at him.

Li Shang

The Li Shang situation is tricky, so I'll try not to judge him too harshly for shutting Mulan down with his toxic masculinity. Also, since they both seemingly identified as heterosexual in the film and he thought that she was also a guy, the romantic vibes were few and far between. However, like the ride-or-die zaddy that he is, after kicking Mulan out of the army, he does eventually realize that he was in the wrong and stands by his fierce bae. Plus, his man bun is unparalleled in hotness, so there's that.

Prince Phillip

At first glance, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty might seem like a rather forgettable dude, but honestly, his guy-next-door appeal really works. Since he's seen as a young child during her naming ceremony, we know he's at least a few years older than Aurora, and his maturity definitely showed when he took on the witch who couldn't stop hating on his boo. (Even when said witch became a dragon and he had to plow through actual thorns to rescue her.)

Prince Naveen

If you ask me, Prince Naveen probably wins the award for hottest animated character, ever. However, his entitlement and narcissism certainly dock him a few points in the romance department. But then again, spending time as an amphibian can be a v humbling experience, and by the end, it's clear he's learned from his past mistakes.


Aladdin is one of the few Disney princes that actually had himself together from the start. Even though he faced a ton of adversity, he was always kind and humble. Not to mention, his bare chest and harem pants were also sexy AF. And TBH, a magic carpet ride is hands down the most decadent and creative date imaginable, so he gets major brownie points for that.


It would truly be a crime to forget about Hercules and Meg because their romantic dynamic was so unique from the standard hero and damsel trope. The best part about Hercules was that even though he tried to be a hero and sweep Meg off her feet from the beginning, he quickly learned to respect her independence and sass. And when she actually needed him, he showed up like a boss.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric's the full package, y'all. Even though he's rolling in dough, Eric still knows the value of hard work and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He's also more appreciative than any other Disney beau. After Ariel saves his life, he falls for her immediately and spends the rest of the movie on a quest to find and save the woman of his dreams. Hard yes.

John Smith

John Smith definitely starts off with some prejudiced views, but once Pocahontas schools him, he quickly realizes the error of his ways and becomes the most woke guy in town (but not in an annoying way). His love for Pocahontas is so intense that he ends up sacrificing everything and betraying his countrymen for the woman he loves. I honestly can't think of a more romantic and dramatic chain of events.

Disney definitely knows how to dream up some babelicious eye candy, and honestly, I love them for it. Aren't we all low-key attracted to animated characters? At the end of the day, Disney may have set the bar a bit high for my future husband, but I'm not mad about it.