These 'Mean Girls' Tweets & Memes Are Relatable & Totally Fetch

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Back in high school when I used to have sleepovers with my best friends, we always watched Mean Girls. We'd turn on the TV channel that always seemed to stream the iconic movie on repeat around midnight, and quote our favorite lines like, "That's so fetch." and "She doesn't even go here!" To this day, our love for this film is still going strong, and that's why I'm scouring the web for Mean Girls tweets and memes that are totally relatable and — dare I say — so fetch.

For those of you who don't know, Oct. 3 is the day when Cady Heron sat next to her crush, Aaron Samuels, in math class. He turned around and asked her what the date was in an arguably romantic moment between the two. The scene turned into a pop culture phenomenon. With one scroll through social media, you'll be able to see exactly what I mean.

You'll see an endless supply of tweets and memes related to Mean Girls quoting The Plastics, Damian, or Janis Ian as their catchphrases become #relevant in real life. You may see GIFs and loyal defenders of Gretchen Wieners too. Here are a some to get you started.

When It's Time To Go Shopping For Halloween

If you're obsessed with fall and squeal with excitement when Halloween pop-up stores come to your town, then you might love and understand this meme well. Essentially in this meme, the skeleton from Halloweentown seems to represent Regina George, pulling up with the car while instructing Cady Heron it's time to go shopping. Regina George was on a mission, just like you when you're on a mission to track down the perfect costume and purchase ~spooky~ things.

When "The Plastics" Show Up In Other Films

One of my favorite memes circling the web right now takes characters from current movies, television shows, and even bands, and pretends they're from an older one. On "Mean Girls Day" it's coming up on my feed in this form: It Chapter Two meets The Plastics. Who do you think is Regina George?

When Everybody Is Talking About You

When everybody is spilling the tea in their various cliques and group chats, you can't help but tweet this iconic line from Mean Girls. I mean, why are you the center of attention, the go-to topic at the lunch table? There are so many other things happening in the world, like the fact that Glen Coco got four (I repeat, four.) candy cane grams. Let's talk about that.

When You Need To Find Aaron Samuels And Give Him The Details

Sometimes when you've see a movie over and over again, you might begin to get creative with it. When it comes to Mean Girls, this might mean making huge puzzles for the Internet where you have to find Aaron Samuels so you can tell him what day it is. Did you find him yet?

When The Limit Really Doesn't Exist

The amount of California rolls I'll order at my go-to restaurant? The number of memes I'll see on Oct. 3 related to Mean Girls? The answer to certain math problems? Well, the limit does not exist. Cady Heron discovered this in the middle of an intense mathlete competition, and you can't help but think about it when a similar situation comes up in your life.

When It's Thursday And You Know The Piping Hot Tea

To some people, Thursday is another day of the week. It's a sign that the weekend is close, or when they may have their weekly lacrosse or dance practice. For Mean Girls fans, it's when Regina George cheats on Aaron Samuels in the projection room — a day to re-serve the piping hot tea.

When Your Pup Doesn't Even Want Fetch To Happen

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I would like "fetch" to happen. I think it's a better version of the word "cool," and way better than "grool." (Don't even get me started on that one.) A pup on the web has some different ideas, though. This fluff probably just wants to take a nap or snuggle on the couch instead of making "fetch" a thing. OK, fine.

When You Need Everything Related To 'Mean Girls'

If you've been to the mall lately, or online shopped in the middle of class, then you may know there's a Mean Girls version of the game, What Do You Meme? It's filled with classic screenshots from the film and cards that say things like, "When Regina George compliments your vintage skirt." This is a must-have item. Can I get an RT?

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