These Dog Costumes From Urban Outfitters' Halloween Shop Are Barkin' Cute

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Your dog is your best boo. They may tag along when you go to the mall or meet up with a friend for coffee. Anytime you have to run errands or leave your apartment, they patiently wait for you to come home to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie together. So it's only right that you get them an outfit for the festive parties and spooky events to come. Lucky for you and the pup in your life, Urban Outfitters' Halloween shop dog costumes are barkin' cute.

They're made for the hangs with your witches and the invites that say, "Don't forget to creep it real." They'll make the fellow partygoers swoon when your pooch walks in the door. When it comes time to take pics, your fur-ever friend will likely be in every shot, posing in their devil horns or cheerleader-style bow. You'll stand by the camera like a proud mom, encouraging them to look at the lens and giving them lots of treats afterwards. (It'll be fang-tastic, if I do say so myself.)

Now, some of these costumes turn your fluff into an iconic character from a movie, or a critter that's typical of Halloween like a spider. No matter which one you get for your pup, they'll look beyond cute. Take a look for yourself, and then get to shoppin' and spookin'.

This Jacket Turns Your Pup Into A Pink Lady

The first of these barkin' cute Halloween costumes for dogs will turn your pup into one of the Pink Ladies from Grease. It's a pink jacket with the iconic cursive-esque writing on the back, and will perfectly complement your Sandra Dee costume or poodle skirt. To put it on your fluff, you just need to zip it up and then tie on the additional scarf around where a collar would go.

Full disclosure: This costume will probably make everyone at the party want to belt out "Beauty School Dropout," and break out their leather jackets (or at least pretend they're in high school in the '50s and falling in love in the middle of summer).

This Spider Costume Is Too Cute To Spook

In a perfect world, your dog would be able to talk and tell you exactly what they wanted to be for Halloween. They might say, "I want to dress up like the best memes of the year." But alas, that's not the case and you're in charge of making sure they look cute and bring on the spooks.

That's where this spider costume comes in. It turns your pooch into a creepy critter, with legs that jiggle as your pup walks. It easily straps on around the neck and waist, so that it won't fall when they're dancing to "Monster Mash" with you.

This Devil Dog Costume Will Never Go Out Of Style

When you were a kid, you may have gone trick or treating and worn some classic costume like a ghost, skeleton, or devil. Now, it's your pup's turn to be a little cliché and rock this devil dog costume that'll never go out of style.

It's one piece — a cozy hoodie sweatshirt with horns on the hood and an arrow tail — and easy to match with, just in case you wanted to put on red makeup and be a devil as well (or even an angel). It'll make your best boo look so festive, and keep them comfortable and warm while you hop from one event to the next.

This Cheerleader Costume Is Doggone Adorable

Honestly, whether you're going out on Halloween night with your pup or staying in to watch Hocus Pocus and eat candy corn, it's essential that you have an adorable costume. You can post pictures on social media and show your followers you're being festive. Do you know what would look doggone adorable on your feed? Your pup in this cheer costume, and you in your favorite team's jersey.

It includes pom-poms, a skirt and a two red hair bows to put on your pup if they so choose. It also only attaches around the neck so your dog can freely run around your apartment or to the treats you snuck into their food bowl.

This Freddy Kreuger Costume Is Anything But A Nightmare

Last but not least, if you're a big fan of horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, you'll absolutely adore this Freddy Krueger Halloween costume for your pup. It has all the details like the distressed striped sweater, brimmed hat, and glove. It turns your dog into a terrifying character, but with a cute and festive twist.

It'll be perfect for meeting up with your other boos at the fair to check out the haunted house or epic Ferris wheel, and play games that are decorated with pumpkins and neon lights. Not to mention, it'll look so barkin' cute.

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