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12 Couples Costumes Ideas Inspired By Memes For Halloween 2019

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Much like the internet itself, Halloween couples costumes inspired by the internet can be funny, scary, topical, punny, or a mixture of all of the above. Whether you're obsessed with popular culture or are never seen without your phone, Halloween can be the perfect time for you and your partner to make a silly or spooky statement about the world wide web. And if you and your boo are totally into being totally online, these couples costumes ideas inspired by memes may make your love (for each other and for the meme pages you both collectively follow) go viral.

Is there any better way to celebrate Halloween in the modern era than by wearing a costume that wouldn't have existed 10 years ago? Sure, maybe your mom or grandma will not "get" or understand your costume. However, dressing up as your favorite image and caption is sure to make you, your boo, and all your friends literally laugh out loud.

From putting your own spin on a popular format to going as characters from a specific meme, content-inspired couples costumes take Halloween #branding to a whole new level.

Here are 12 couples costumes inspired by memes that'll make you say, "trick or trend!"

Person & Butterfly

The "Is This...." meme is perfect if you love to craft and your partner isn't super into Halloween or doesn't have time to make a costume. If your boo wants to really go for the gold, they could get a short wig, thick glasses, and layer a yellow T-shirt, a red button-down, and a white or light blue blazer. Of course, just the glasses and a button-down shirt will do the trick. For you, if you can't find a pair of yellow butterfly wings, you can make a pretty sweet pair with cardboard or poster paper. Wear all yellow and add antennas, and you've got yourself a #trendy #meme #costume.

"Hard Pills To Swallow..." Bottle & Pill

For this meme costume, first cut the shape of a giant pill bottle out of cardboard or paper. Next, write "hard pills to swallow" on it. You could even write it on a white T-shirt or a piece of paper taped to a white T-shirt. Similarly, you could make a giant pill costume from cardboard or poster, or you could draw a circle on a white T-shirt, or cut out a white circle and tape it to your shirt. Endless options! Then you can write some political or culturally commentary or just something you feel strongly about (mine would be: "Boneless wings are just tofu"). If you and your boo love to make a statement, the "Hard Pills To Swallow" meme may be everything you've ever wanted.

The "Meltdown" Meme

Sometimes the best costumes are the comfiest ones. Wear a white shirt, with a black zip-up, and a headband, and have your date wear whatever they want, underneath a big blanket. Though a Dallas Cowboys blanket would really seal the deal, anything dark would work fine.

'American Chopper' Argument

Who doesn't love a handlebar mustache? If you or your date can't grow your own, buy a fake 'stache from a costume shop. Or you could get crafty with felt or string. Wear a white tank top and jeans, and you are all set. Have your date wear a black hat and a black T-shirt, et voila!

Fiji Water Girl & A Celebrity

If you like to celebrate Oct. 31 like a celebrity or a person in a ballgown handing out expensive bottled water to a Hollywood A-lister, consider dressing up as the 'Fiji Water Girl' and a celebrity. Don a blue dress and hold a bunch of Fiji waters on a tray and have your date wear their finest Golden Globes look — a tux would really seal the deal.

Kermit & Dark Kermit

Between you and your boo, one of you probably runs colder than the other. That will come in handy for this look! For the Kermit and Dark Kermit meme, you both can wear all green and paint your faces green, or perhaps even buy Kermit costumes (or make your own Kermit getups). Just have the Dark Kermit throw on a hoodie.

2009 Vs. 2019

Everyone loves to see #trends evolve through the ages. If you and your boo are both super into fashion or you're super tech-savvy, going as the 2009 Vs. 2019 meme can be a blast from the past. Wear something very 2019, like chunky sneakers or a shirt with milkmaid sleeves and write "2019" on a piece of paper taped to you. Have your date dress as someone or something from 2009 and do the same with a "2009" sign.

Expectation Vs. Reality

The "Expectation Vs. Reality" meme is like the 2019 version of "Before and After." If you're a sweatpants person and your date loves to dress up, wear your comfiest sweats and go as the "Reality" to your boo's fancy "Expectations." You could also go as a Pinterest-level fancy cake or snack and have your date go as something burnt and misshapen.

Cardi B At The All-Star Game & Fan
Getty Images/Kevin Mazur

Queen Cardi is literally iconic all the time, but this meme of Cardi B at the NBA All-Star game, dancing to her own song while eating popcorn as a rando fan sits besides her is, well, just beyond words. Wear a red blazer with red cat eye sunnies and hold a container of popcorn. Have your date wear a sports jersey over a black shirt, or just a jersey and jeans. Okur?

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga At The Oscars

Whether they are or aren't meant to be together IRL, this meme of Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga at The Oscars will make for the perfect Shalloween costume. Have your date wear a suit and draw or grow a sexy beard, and put on your best black dress with super glam makeup and bedazzled earrings.

"No But In Yellow" Pie Chart

Pie charts make math fun! With a giant cardboard cutout or just a piece of paper printed out and taped to you, dress as the major part of a pie chart and have your date dress as the sliver. You can write what your piece stands for and tape it to your chest.

Hand & Giant Button

If you're feeling crafty, you can make a large cardboard button for yourself, or you can draw a blue circle on a white shirt and write something in it. Have your date go as a giant hand, either with a store-bought giant hand costume or something you made yourself (or a photo of a hand, printed out and taped to your shirt).

A content-inspired costume is totally trendy. Whether you go as the yellow butterfly from the "Is this..." meme, or you and your boo go as "Expectations Vs. Reality," this Oct. 31 is sure to be the happiest Hallomeme you've ever had.

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