8 Instagram Captions For Your First Valentine’s Day As A Married Couple, Because You Found Your Forever Valentine

You've carefully selected your wedding hashtag, gleefully tied the knot to your sweetie, and sent out all your thank you notes. You did the thing. And you have amazing photos to show for it. Of course, now you still have to think of the perfect Instagram caption for you first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. After you've decked the halls and rung in the New Year, Valentine's Day can be a fun and sexy time with your new spouse, all in the name of love.

Whether you're spending it with breakfast in bed, day dreaming at work about getting it on later, or on some romantic getaway your boo whisked you off to, there are plenty of captions for your first Feb. 14 as a married couple. If you're cutesy, funny, sexy, or sentimental, a Valentine's Day Insta for your boo can be a little way to say, "I'm thinking of you and I'm happy we committed our lives to each other," in front of all of your friends and families.

If you're looking for the perfect Instagram caption for your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, look no further. Here are eight ideas shot directly from Cupid's bow and arrow.

1. "Happy Valentine's Day, Mr./Mrs./M. 'Last Name'"


If you and/or your boo decided to change your last name post-nuptials, wishing a happy holiday to their new name is a sweet way to celebrate Feb. 14 and your fiery love that burns with the heat of a 1,000 suns. Perhaps you both hyphenated, or came up with a new last name together. Of course, if no names where changed, simply wishing them a Happy Valentine's works too.

2. "You're the avocado to my toast."


This can be a little play on words if you're drinking champagne or otherwise having a toast in the photo. Food-based figurative language is cute, relatable, and can be a versatile caption for literally any picture.

3. "The hubby/wifey/spousey and I on Valentine's"


Describing your new partner in marriage by their title, may it be husband, wife, spouse, or another cute word you've come up with is a fun way to remind the world you are #married, hunny, and loving it.

4. "Love you today, tomorrow, forever"


Something a little sappy, like noting your forever love a sweet way to ring in your first Feb. 14th as a married couple. You can throw in your wedding date, or the day you met for added awww.

5. "Happy Feb. 14 to my forever Valentine"

Mark Cee on YouTube

You're first V-Day as a married couple means one thing, you're with your Valentine for the rest of time. Giving your new spouse a little shout, and calling them your forever crush is a cute and sweet way to show you care.

6. "So glad that I went from your snack to your meal."


Calling your boo a "snack" is a popular and sexy way to show your feelings. Of course, thanks to greats like Lizzo and the queen Cardi B, we're starting to move from snack to entree. After you've tied the knot, you've committed. Celebrate your snack for becoming your meal.

7. "You gave this day meaning"


If you were a cynic before you fell in love, Valentine's Day may take on a new meaning after you get married. Sharing that your new spouse has changed what V-Day mean to you is a heartwarming way to celebrate.

8. "Best Valentine’s Day gift ever is waking up to this person. Oh wait, I get to do that every day!"


Any iteration of 500 Days of Summer, "Every day you make me proud, but today you get a card" is guaranteed crowd pleaser, and also really sweet. If you're in love, you may celebrate your boo everyday, but Valentine's can be a time for something extra.

Of course, a "Happy Valentine's Day babe!" works too. Your first Valentine's Day as a married couple is all about you and your boo. So, do what feels right for you: Go out, stay in, post 100 selfies, or a pic of your cute dog. After you've put a ring on it, any caption you choose will have a ring to it.