Give Your Loved One The Gift Of A Good Night's Rest With These 8 Sleep-Friendly Presents


There are few things more frustrating (or more likely to give Starbucks your entire paycheck) than never being able to sleep properly. Personally, even just a few nights of less-than-ideal snoozing can mess with me in a big way: I'll probably miss my stop on the train, not to mention constantly trip over my own two feet wherever I go. With the holidays right around the corner, perhaps you have a loved one in your life who struggles with similar sleep issues, who would definitely appreciate the kind of gift that's made for people who can't sleep. If so, you have come to the right place, my friend.

The thing is, getting enough sleep is key to being focused, which is key to being successful in whatever you're doing, so if you're helping someone inch closer to the National Sleep Foundation's recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per nigh this holiday season, then you're actually contributing to the success of their whole life — which is pretty cool when you think about it, right?

Plus, if you generally spend a lot of time with your giftee, then you'll probably reap the benefits of their present, too. More sleep means your loved one won't be nodding off during a dinner date together, or skipping out on weekend plans because they're just that exhausted.

Put together a little care package of the cutest, most effective sleep-friendly gifts, and your loved one will be sure to thank you — after a long night's sleep.

For the girl who lives on a busy street

My last city apartment was so poorly insulated and located on such a busy street that I could literally hear people coughing as they walked past the building three stories below me.

Luckily, my body adjusted to the noise, and I got to a point where I was able to doze off, but for someone who really needs silence to drift away at night, this white noise machine can help block out sounds from roommates and pets alike.

Blackout curtains that are actually cute

My idea of blackout curtains has always been a heavy black tarp, all but nailed over a window to block out every ounce of light — i.e., not that nice to look at.

While these curtains will have you covered on the light-blocking front, they're still cute enough that your sleep-deprived friend won't mind showing them off to people. Plus, you can choose from a variety of calming blues and sand hues for the perfect bedroom addition.

A sleep mask to make your BFF feel like a legit princess

Sometimes, sleep masks seem like they're all about utility and not enough about how adorable they look.

This beautiful silk mask balances both of those priorities and will help anyone feel like well-rested royalty.

A lavender lover's dream

Anyone who has difficulty getting in a full eight hours every night is probably familiar with the fact that lavender can help you sleep, and this pillow's just the thing to bring the herb into a bedtime routine.

Unlike a standard eye pillow, your sleepless friend can heat or cool this one to find the perfect temperature. The eye pillow also comes with a downloadable set of guided meditations with accompanying soothing music to help send anyone off to dreamland.

For anyone who's *scents-ing* some stress

One of the reasons why I haven't explored the world of aromatherapy more is because there are just so many possibilities of scents and their benefits.

If you have a loved one who's struggling to fall asleep at night, try gifting them this de-stressing aromatherapy set, which makes things so simple by labeling the bottles with their respective benefits.

For those who want to keep track of all of their weird dreams

I've been having some pretty weird dreams lately, and I kept finding myself awake in the middle of the night feeling really disoriented. Once I started telling a friend about my nightmares, though, they seemed to have much less of an effect on me.

A loved one who struggles with similar issues might appreciate this cute sleep log, which also includes space to record tons of other bedtime details, like the number of times you wake up throughout the night, and how much water you're drinking.

Holy basil, Batman!

You might not have heard of your favorite herb's holy counterpart, but according to a study published in the medical journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, holy basil (aka tulsi) has a variety of healthy benefits.

Filled with other snooze-friendly ingredients like chamomile and peppermint, this tea makes for the perfect, caffeine-free bedtime drink for anyone struggling to fall asleep.

The world's snuggliest hot water bottle

In my experience, sliding a hot water bottle into your bed a few minutes before you're ready to hit the hay is an absolute game changer.

For the giftee whose feet are always cold in the winter, this adorable hot water bottle cover is sure to soothe any chilly toes.