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8 Funny Ways To Tell Your Friends You're Engaged In The Group Chat

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Throughout college, you and your friends may have sent pictures of the engagement rings you like in the group chat. Those pictures were always accompanied by messages such as, "This is what I like just so you know." Now, you may have the exact ring you picked out on Pinterest on your finger, and it's time to tell your friends that your partner popped the question. You're not a cheesy person, so you need some funny ways to tell your friends you're engaged that'll make this moment memorable and giggle-worthy.

So far, you may have thought of quoting Beyoncé and sending a picture with the caption, "Put a ring on it." You may have considered a meme or GIF from your favorite television show that everyone would decode and understand within seconds. The reason why you're looking for pointers, though, is because this moment — telling your friends that there's going to be a wedding in the near future and you're getting married — is an exciting milestone. To say the least, you want it to be right and totally you.

You don't want to hit "send" until you're super confident that your sweet announcement will rack in the laughs and the messages that say, "OMG!" Don't fret. Launch into this romantic season of your life and relationship with a full heart and lots of ease. Tell your friends that you're engaged in one of these ways.

Send A Casual Picture From The Proposal And Say, "Well, That Happened."
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First up, if you're the type of person who has a very dry sense of humor — and your friends know it — then just send a casual picture from the proposal in the group chat. Caption it with a message like, "Well, that happened," or, "How is everyone's days going?" Your friends will not only gasp from the other side of the screen, but giggle a bunch, too.

Send The Party Meme From The 'Bridesmaids' Movie

Calling all romantic comedy fans! This funny way to tell your friends that you're engaged is for you. It's inspired by the one and only Bridesmaids movie and the scene when Kristen Wiig is on the plane and says, "I'm ready to party!" Send that GIF or meme in the group chat post-proposal and see if your friends can pick up on the cheery situation at hand.

Let Everyone Guess When You'll Get Engaged

TBH, you've probably played the "when will you get engaged" game with your BFFs in the group chat before. Everyone may have guessed who would get engaged first or how it would go down. But now that you've actually said yes, strike up another round of this game. One of your friends is bound to guess that you just put a ring on it — like, an hour ago.

Do The "Love Story" Challenge From TikTok With Your Ring

Have you seen the "Love Story" challenge on TikTok yet? It's a perfect trend for those who have just gotten engaged to create with their ring. It uses the audio from Taylor Swift's iconic and romantic song, and ends in an energizing dance. Record it with your SO after you've said yes and send it in the group chat for a trendy and hilarious announcement.

Put Your Ring On A Slice Of Bread And Ask, "Who's Ready To Make A Toast?"
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As the self-proclaimed jokester of your group, you know you can never go wrong with a good dad joke. So grab the loaf of bread in your kitchen, pull out a slice, and place your ring on top of it. Take a picture and send it in the group chat with the punny joke, "Who's ready to make a toast?" It'll go down in the history of your group chat as very well done.

Take A Picture Reading A Wedding Magazine With Your SO

You and your SO likely both adore making other people laugh. That's probably what attracted you to each other. So, take the time to put together a funny photo shoot that can later end up on your Instagram, to announce your incredible news. Grab a wedding magazine or two, pretend to read them while you're sitting on the couch or in bed, and smile at the lens for a fun series that'll be worth sharing in the group chat.

Put Your Ring In A Box Of Doughnuts And Say, "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other."

Your SO has great taste if they popped the question and chose to pick you for the rest of their life. You also have great taste — which is why you'll be announcing to your friends that you're engaged with a box of doughnuts. To do this, order a dozen from your local bakery and put your ring amongst them. Take a pic and then send it in the group chat with the hilarious caption, "One of these things is not like the other."

Write "Just Engaged" On Your Bathroom Mirror Before Taking A Selfie
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Last but not least, make the most of your bathroom mirror and its great lighting for your engagement announcement. Write a message that says "Just Engaged" on the mirror with a marker or on a sticky note that you can attach to the glass. Then, take a selfie with your SO and send it in the group chat. Wait for all the sweet messages and LOLs to roll in.

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