8 Experiences That'll Be The Best Expenses You Ever Have In Your 20s

by Kristin Corpuz

In your 20s, you're busy adulting and being a girl boss in your career of choice. At the same time, you want to embrace every new adventure that comes your way. Traveling, seeing Broadway shows, and taking a unique dance class may be on your to-do list, but you might not want to spend all of your hard-earned money on these things. You're trying to save up and plan ahead for your future, after all. But as responsible as that is, you also need to live this amazing decade of your life, because it only comes around once. There are some experiences that are the best expenses in your 20s that you really won't regret doing.

While the #YOLO hashtag may seem overplayed, the spirit of it remains. You only have one life to live, and this decade goes by way too fast. You have to take advantage of certain things right now, and not put them off for "someday." No regrets, right?

So, book that plane ticket, hop on that boat, drink that glass of fine wine, and go take that painting class. What your wallet loses, you'll gain in experience and incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Go To A Country You've Always Dreamed Of Visiting

I recently returned from a trip to Northern India that was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. I was particularly moved by my time in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I learned so much about the cuisine, beauty and wellness treatments, and so much more during my time there.

If you have the means, I cannot recommend a trip comparable to this enough. Travel to a place that you've always dreamed of visiting. Take the opportunity to learn more about a different culture, and soak up the entire adventure. You will always draw on the experience, and it will be worth every penny.

Take A Unique Class That Interests You
MaaHoo Studio / Stocksy

There are a ton of unique classes that don't require you to have any previous experience, and they can be a lot of fun. Whether it's wine, painting, dance, pottery, cooking, or something else that sparks your interest, you should definitely go for it. You just might discover a hidden talent and new passion you never knew existed.

Grab a friend or two, and have a fun night out. Even if it's not a passion, you will still have a great experience with your besties and never regret the cost.

See A Broadway Show
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I'm a firm believer that everyone should go see a show on Broadway at some point in their life. While tours that come through your hometown are as close to the real thing as you can get, there's something so magical about walking into a historic Broadway theater.

Next time you're in New York City, make sure you add a Broadway show to your itinerary. You can go see a classic, or even something off-Broadway. It's truly part of the quintessential Big Apple experience, and this memory will also last a lifetime.

Plan A Staycation In Your Own Town Or City
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Even if you've been living in your city for a long time, chances are, you haven't taken the time to really explore everything that it has to offer. Find new Instagrammable spots, take that random walking tour, or opt to see live music at a local bar. You'd be amazed at what your city has to offer for reasonable prices.

Embark On A Trip With Your Besties

I recently watched Girls Trip for the first time, and it made me realize that every group of gal pals absolutely needs to take a fun trip together. Whether you go on a cross-country road trip, or fly to a fun destination together, your 20s is the perfect time for your squad to make memories together.

Last year, my college BFF and I went on a trip to New South Wales, Australia together, and it was one of the best things we've ever done for our friendship. We loved spending one-on-one time with each other, and there are parts of that trip that we know will be special to the two of us for the rest of our lives. How could you ever put a price limit on such a memory?

Have Your Aura Or Tarot Cards Read
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I think that everything is worth experiencing once. Allow yourself to open up to new adventures, and take a chance on something like an aura or tarot card reading.

I recently went to a party that was offering tarot card readings, so I decided to try it out on a whim. It's safe to say my mind is blown. The tarot card reader seemed to be peeking inside my brain, and she definitely gave me a lot to think about. While I don't think I'll use a tarot card reading to help me set up my next five-year plan, I think it was definitely an experience worth having, and I would totally do it again.

Go Stargazing Someplace Dreamy
Courtesy of Amangiri

Few experiences can make you feel as tiny as stargazing can. Looking up into the night sky and seeing hundreds of twinkling stars is something that really can't be described in words — you have to experience it for yourself.

One of my favorite memories from my Australia trip was glamping at Sierra Escape in Mudgee. I've never seen so many stars in my life.

If you're looking for somewhere a little closer to home, Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah is a serene escape located in the desert. You can lay back and enjoy the view of the stars completely uninterrupted.

Think Outside Of The Box For One Of Your Trips

Traveling in any capacity in your 20s is an absolute must, but you should also consider taking a trip that is a little different for you. Last year, I took a sailing trip through Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, and it was truly life-changing. I never expected to be the kind of person who would enjoy spending a week on a boat, but it is by far one of my favorite trips I have ever taken.

Next time you're planning a getaway, consider finding something that you wouldn't normally pick for yourself. DuVine offers bike tours through the California Wine Country, you can take a cross-country train trip, or just book a ton of walking tours at your next destination. Every unique experience is worth having, and it'll make for some seriously memorable travels.