8 Pretty Engagement & Wedding Ring Combos That Are A Match Made In Heaven

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The whole idea behind marriage is that two is better than one — and the same can be said of rings. Sure, a sparkly engagement ring can be super attention-grabbing, and a sleek wedding ring is stunning in its simplicity. But what happens when you put them both together? #Magic. The best engagement and wedding ring combos are the ones that just make sense from an aesthetic standpoint, but are also just a tad unexpected.

It’s important to understand, however, that each ring has a specific function. The engagement ring is presented during the proposal, while wedding rings are exchanged between both partners at the ceremony, right before the “I do’s.” Also, the engagement ring tends to be a bit more elaborate than the wedding ring, usually featuring a diamond or other stone in the center. Wedding rings are typically much less elaborate, and often consist of a simple band with no stones whatsoever. Whereas the engagement ring symbolizes a pledge of love and the intention to wed, the wedding ring represents a lifelong commitment. The wedding ring is typically stacked underneath the engagement ring on the fourth finger, because many believe it should be worn closer to the heart.

Need a little inspiration for picking out the perfect stack? Here are some truly striking stacks — ranging from subtle to showy.

Diamonds On Diamonds

bride wearing wedding ring and engagement ring. Bridal hands close up.


Who says you can't have a diamond-smothered wedding band, too? This glamorous set features a classic princess-cut diamond encircled by diamonds — and halos happen to be super trendy right now. Not only that, but the engagement ring band is studded with diamonds all the way around, and the wedding ring features three tiny rows of crystals as well. This combo is ideal for the bride who just can't get enough sparkle.

Something Blue

More and more brides are shunning the traditional white diamond for something a little more colorful. This wedding set, which includes the engagement ring, and wedding bands for both partners, stands out thanks to the unique cobalt-colored center stone. A sparkly wedding ring beneath adds just a touch of glam, while the thicker plain gold wedding band adds a strong, simple base to the set.

Peachy Keen

Did you know that lots of brides are opting for morganite over diamonds for their engagement ring? This rose gold set is a stellar pick for the bride with a super modern style sensibility. The curved wedding band provides a certain contemporary flair — as does the peachy-tinged center stone.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Yellow gold has been making a major comeback when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, and with good reason — it has a slightly warmer, and sometimes more eye-catching tone than white gold, silver, and platinum. This set is made for the eclectic bride — you know, the kind who's rocking vintage shoes and a non-white dress on the big day. The rose-cut center stone is a highly unusual but increasingly popular shape — since it resembles the flower it's named after, it emanates a certain undeniable romance.

Beauty In Balance

It's becoming more and more common to combine a super wide wedding ring with a slender engagement ring. And from a visual standpoint, it kind of makes sense when you think about it. The engagement ring already stands out due to the center diamond, so having a thicker wedding band helps to create some balance. This yellow gold set is classy AF — perfect for the unfussy bride who shies away from anything too flashy.

Pretty In Pink

There's no denying that rose gold has been having a major moment recently. What makes this set particularly striking is that the blush colored center crystal brings out the rosy tones in the gold band it's set on. Plus, the enormous teardrop-shaped diamond, is surrounded by a halo that perfectly matches the size of the stones in the bands.

Cushion-Cut Chic

Cushion-cut diamonds started popping up everywhere several years ago — and the trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere. One reason why they might be so popular is that they strike the perfect compromise between round diamonds and square diamonds, with soft edges that work splendidly with a halo. This jaw-dropping rock is sure to draw some envious stares wherever you go, and the delicate crystal-studded band makes the center diamond look even more massive. Add on a wedding ring with not one, but two rows of crystals — because diamonds are a girl's best friend, right?

Woodland Whimsy

There's something innately enchanting about this set — the asymmetrical design on the engagement ring, which includes two crystals on one side of the pink center stone and only one on the other — is incredibly unique and eye-catching. The metal on the gold wedding band, meanwhile, has some texture, and one unusually-shaped stone that almost resembles a flower. This nature-inspired set is ideal for a nontraditional bride with an eccentric or whimsical style.

Talk about a match made in heaven, right? There are infinite possibilities when it comes to engagement ring and wedding ring combinations, and ultimately, finding the best styles for a winning stack is a matter of personal preference. In a way, the combination is a beautiful metaphor for marriage: these two different pieces are even better together than they are apart. So, when in doubt, look for two rings that not only fit together flawlessly but complement each other, achieving the perfect balance. You know — like you and bae.

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