Emily (Lilly Collins) from 'Emily in Paris' stands by the bar at a party, wearing a black gown, near the Eiffel Tower.

These 'Emily In Paris'-Inspired Ideas For Your Someday Trip To France Are A Total "Oui"


Every time you marathon watch Emily in Paris, you can't wait to visit The City of Lights. You're totally envious of Emily eating croissants, wearing cute berets, and walking around van Gogh exhibits. Channel that wanderlust energy into Emily in Paris bucket list ideas for your someday trip. That is actually the perfect idea, because you can start saving your money and learning French now for the most epic trip, while creating a checklist so you don't miss a single beat.

You're already rewatching the show from start to finish, so make sure you take notes on scenes you want to recreate the minute you're in France. Take a charming stroll through Place de l'Estrapade, grab a bouquet of pink roses, and remember to snap a selfie for the 'Gram. Stop by a local bakery for a delicious chocolate croissant in the morning, and enjoy lunch on a park bench in the afternoon. Have a night out in the city with your travel buddy, just like Mindy and Emily did.

Those are all on this list of eight Emily in Paris ideas, and you can pick and choose however many you want to do. So, you might as well change your Insta name to "[your name] in Paris" right now. As soon as you're able to travel, you'll be making Emily in Paris into your reality.

Buy A Bouquet Of Pink Roses And Snap A Vibrant Selfie

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy the city is just to stroll through it. Find a quaint area of the city with parks and fountains. Then, when you happen to stumble upon a florist, take it as a sign to pick up a fresh bouquet of pink roses for an "everything's coming up roses" selfie.

Grab A Chocolate Croissant From Boulangerie Moderne

It turns out the bakery where Emily gets her chocolate croissants from in the show is not just a filming location, but an actual patisserie. Stop by Boulangerie Moderne for a delicious chocolate croissant, and anything else that catches your eye in the bakery window. Be sure to get a first bite Boomerang like Emily did to post in your Insta Story.

Enjoy A Picnic Lunch In The Domaine National Du Palais-Royal Park

The park where Emily often grabs lunch with Mindy is right around the corner from the Savoir office in Place de Valois. It's located outside the Domaine National Du Palais-Royal. This is a definite must-enjoy, so find a park bench and have a picnic lunch while people-watching and streaming "La Vie en Rose" off of your travel playlist.

Stay At An Airbnb With A Gorgeous Balcony View

The highlight of Emily's Parisian apartment is the balcony overlooking the city. The "room with a view" is something you need for your stay. Find an Airbnb or hotel near Place de l'Estrapade — Emily's neighborhood — complete with French doors and a balcony. The first thing you need to do, like Emily, is snap a selfie with the city behind you and use #roomwithaview in your caption.

Go For An Early-Morning Jog Around The Jardin Du Luxembourg

In the show, Emily can be spotted going for a jog around the Jardin du Luxembourg or along the Seine. Make sure to pack your picture-ready workout clothes so you can also go for some early-morning runs. Even though you're on vacay, going for a run gives you an excuse to see more of the city and gets you pumped up for a full day of exploring.

Get All Dressed Up For A Fancy Occasion

If all you wanted to do while watching the show was raid Emily's closet, a trip to Paris is your time to have your very own fashion-forward moments. Be sure to pack a gorgeous gown for a fancy night on the town. Attend a ballet at Opera National de Paris or book reservations at a Michelin-starred restaurant like Le Grand Véfour. Since you're planning so far out, you have time to book the correct reservation, unlike Emily.

Visit The Eiffel Tower At Night For A Night Out

Plan a night out and stop by the Eiffel Tower. While the iconic landmark is gorgeous all the time, it truly sparkles at night. Grab a bottle of champagne and toast to the evening. Be sure to snap some silly selfies with the Eiffel Tower backdrop, like Mindy and Emily, as you take in the sights.

Visit Some Museums And Soak Up The Gorgeous Art

Plan a day to visit an exhibit like the van Gogh exhibition at Atelier des Lumières. One of the most iconic Paris museums is the Louvre, which holds the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. If anything, you need to stop by the Louvre just to snap some photos outside.