8 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Costume Ideas For The Super Fan Looking For A Last-Minute Look

Hate to love them; love to hate them. We can't help it, but the Kardashians are on everyone's mind. You probably know more about this family than your own, which is why we're all familiar with Kylie Jenner and her lip kits. They're huge, and even for someone that doesn't obsess over makeup, I've found myself looking to get one. It's so well known, but not everyone has Kylie on the mind this year, since the lip kit mania has kind of died down. But that's the best tie to be something for Halloween: when you know 100 other people won't be wearing the same thing. And some of these easy Kylie Jenner lip kit costume ideas are really smart.

It's right under your nose, especially if you're standing in your bathroom and your makeup is literally right there, but you would never think to wear a Kylie Lip Kit-inspired Halloween costume. You can either go as the packaging, something inspired by it, or just use the makeup to create a cool Halloween look. I mean the melting lips logo is pretty recognizable that all you really need is that for a costume. The possibilities are about as endless as the shades of lip color you can get. If you need some inspiration for your own look, here are eight easy DIY Kylie Jenner Lip Kit costumes. You can either copy them or make your own. Either way, you know you'll look fabulous this Halloween so pucker up and smile for the camera.

The Lip Kit Packaging Dress
Cortney Ewonus on YouTube

If you're looking for a group costume for your squad, you can all go as Kylie Jenner Lit Kit packaging in every shade of color. The lip stick headband is also so cute. You would never know it was made from an old toilet paper roll. Don't forget to match your lips with your kit color.

Lip Kit Cardboard Costume
Jess Norbury on YouTube

If you have access to lots of white cardboard, you can make this version of the Kylie Lip Kit packaging easily. This is a simple idea, and you can wear your favorite black dress underneath or match the dress with the lip shade. Not only is this costume super easy to make, but super cheap. Win-win!

The Lip Gloss Dress
Katherine Lauren on YouTube

If you don't want to be the packaging, because you want something more colorful, than this dress is for you. You can be any color your heart desires, but remember to match your lips with your dress. Bonus is this looks super comfortable and not bulky, so you can have fun at any party you go to this Halloween.

The Pencil Skirt Lip Kit
The Haute Pink Diary on YouTube

If you don't already own a pencil skirt in the lip kit shade of your choice, you can easily use a pencil skirt you already own for the pattern. Just throw on a black tank you also own, and tape on the infamous melting lip logo. It's simple and uses a lot of what you already have.

A Liquid Lipstick Paper Costume
Zymon B. on YouTube

This is a super simple DIY costume for anyone looking for a last-minute costume idea. You just need two rolls of paper. One black, and one of whatever color lip color you want to be. It's so easy to make that you and your crew can each make one for a whole squad that procrastinates.

The Lip Kit Costume For The Ultimate Procrastinator
FashionByAlly on YouTube

This video has 33 last-minute Halloween costume ideas. That's crazy! You can find a super simple DIY Kylie Jenner Lip Kit dress idea at the beginning of the video, but honestly we're so inspired watching all of the ideas. This girl's got us all covered!

Go As Kylie With Lip Kit In Hand
LadyCode on YouTube

If you don't want to go as the lip kit packaging or gloss, you can always go as Kylie herself. Just don't forget the number one essential for this Halloween costume, the lip kit! This video also uses Kylie Cosmetics for the makeup, so you're taking advantage of the Kylie makeup you love.

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Logo Makeup
The Haute Pink Diary on YouTube

If you're looking for a Kylie Cosmetics Halloween costume that isn't too in your face, you can do this cool lip logo look. We all know the infamous melting lips that can be seen on all the Kylie Kits, but now you can wear that look. It works for any color, so you can match your lips with your outfit.