These Halloween Dog Costumes Are Just Too Adorable For Words

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Halloween is right around the corner, and while you may be unsure of what you want to be, the possibilities are endless for your pooch. There's nothing more adorable than a pup dressed in their Halloween best. If I could I would make every costume party I attend a dog costume party. The second thing I would do is make every day in October Halloween so that dogs everywhere could rock all of their favorite cute dog costumes for Halloween 2019.

Let's be honest: You can't help but say "aww" the second you see a pupper walking into a room with a sweet costume on. The only difficulty is deciding on which is the one that's both adorable and super comfortable for your pup. Do you go for something silly or one that perfectly matches your dog's personality? It's always a tough decision, but at the end of the day, your pup will honestly look cute AF in anything.

You know a pic of your dog in the cutest costume around is going to get you the most likes on the 'Gram (in addition to so many compliments when you take them out for a walk). So if you need a little help narrowing down the options, here are eight of the most adorable dog Halloween costumes out there you can choose from. I hope you and your pooch have the happiest Halloween.

When Some Bunny Loves You And That's Your Dog

This bunny costume is just too cute for words, and it looks incredibly cozy. You can even reuse it for your pup on Easter. That's a win-win right there.

This Is The Perfect Dorothy Costume For Your Toto

Wouldn't it be fun to have your dog be Dorothy, and you dress up as Toto this year? Just imagine how cute those Instagram pics would be.

This Costume Totally Ewoks

There are a few Star Wars costumes out there to choose from, but if you're going for the cutest, you have to choose the most adorable characters from the series: the Ewoks. Your little pup will look ready to go on a walk to a galaxy far, far away. Honestly, the force is strong with this pupper costume.

You'll Love This Costume A Sloth

You'll have the fastest moving sloth in the history of ever when you put this costume on your pooch and take them out for a walk. I just cannot get over how cute this combo of dog and sloth is.

Your Pup Will Have A Stu-Panda-Ous Halloween With This Costume

OK, maybe stu-panda-ous is a pretty cheesy pun, but you have to admit this is a great dog costume. There's no need to be afraid of all the scary ghosts and goblins on Halloween when you have such an adorable panda beside you.

For Any Disney Lovers, Check Out This Stitch Costume

"Ohana means family," and you cannot leave the most adorable member of your family on Halloween without a costume. In Lilo & Stitch, Stitch was an alien pretending to be a dog. Now, your dog can pretend to be an alien this Halloween.

This Costume Has You Signed, Sealed, And Delivered

I can't even with this USPS dog costume. It's beyond adorable. Nothing can stop you from aww-ing when you see a pup walking towards you rocking this.

This Teddy Bear Costume Deserves All The Cuddles

Just a little warning. If you plan on going out on Halloween, be wary. This adorable teddy bear costume for your dog will make it extremely difficult to leave the house. You'll just want to cuddle with your fur bae all night and watch Hocus Pocus without leaving your couch. (You've been warned.)

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