These Pics Of Dogs On Halloween Prove They’re Totally Winning The Costume Contest


With Halloween around the corner, I'm officially starting to plan out my costume, but that's not even what I'm most excited about for the holiday. More important than decking myself out in a creative outfit is the opportunity to transform one of the dogs in my family into the cutest, most hilarious pup ever. Since the weather is usually pretty chilly on Halloween, I've gotten lucky because my dogs generally welcome the extra warmth of whatever I try to tempt them into wearing in honor of the occasion. Honestly, I think I could look at photos of dogs' Halloween costumes all day, and these 11 furry pups are some of the most fashionable canines around.

If you ask me, all of these photos of good doggos patiently indulging their owners' creative ideas in honor of Halloween simply prove my long-held belief that we as human beings do not deserve the cuteness (and patience) that fur babies bring to the world. Who can resist puppy eyes staring up at you from beneath a witch's hat? Who doesn't smile when your dog goes wild every time she hears "trick or treat" and expects you to pass her a tasty bone? Every pet that puts up with a costume is a winner in my eyes, but these pups are guaranteed to make you smile.

This Dog Has The Most Bewitching Eyes
theswagdiculous on Twitter

Sometimes it's all you can do to get a fancy hat on your pup, much less an entire costume. The fluffy green hair underneath this dog's adorable witch hat make the spooky look even funnier, IMO.

A Spooky Pup With His Foot In His Mouth
leonardodisexio on Twitter

If you're more into the fright part of Halloween than the cuteness of a creative costume, you probably appreciate this horrifying animal-bone-turned-human-leg look. Maybe just make sure this little guy isn't around any super young kids, you feel me?

The Sweetest Pumpkin On The Block
mariamgunderson on Twitter

This little fur baby patiently enduring his T-shirt-clad fate deserves a medal for being equal parts adorable and super good boy.

An Occasion For The Whole Family
kate_penna on Twitter

Dog costumes with fake arms have to be one of the funniest things in the world, if you ask me. Sadly, though, not all of these puppy siblings seem to agree.

But I have to admit, putting your dog in a UPS costume just might teach her to stop trying to attack whenever you get a package.

A Bone-Shivering Pirate
thetinycoast on Twitter

Ignoring the desperation in this dog's eyes, I'm totally in love with the details on this costume, from the belt buckle to the tiny little hook hand. This little trooper deserves a treasure chest full of treats for such a creative look.

This Intergalactic Pup
simonradio1776 on Twitter

I honestly cannot stop laughing at this super authentic hair and ears combo. If you're looking for ideas for what your pup should wear on Halloween, this creative dog is sure to Spock some inspiration.

The Pup Who Just Loves LION Around All Day
pike_sydney on Twitter

My mane complaint about this sweet girl's Halloween finest is that I haven't found the same exact costume for my dog yet! This get-up is sure to keep her ears nice and warm, but it also makes her look very wise, IMO. Of course, such a cute look like this is leaving me itching to lift her up above my head, Lion King-style.

A Literal Hot Dog
antisocialfaith on Twitter

This doggone adorable costume is perfect for such a fetching fellow. You really have to relish any occasion that allows you to ketchup with your pup and snuggle him in a food-themed outfit, wouldn't you agree?

The Cutest Ranch Hand Around
allmyeggs on Twitter

A cowgirl hat would have made for an incredible costume on its own, but it's the addition of the two attached braids that puts this little lady in all-star territory — not to mention the bright bows on the ends, which make this Halloween look super fashionable.

The Pups With The Most Patience
kathleensiwikgo on Twitter

Hopefully these dogs found a little solace in the fact that they both were dressed to the nines as other types of animals.

I'll be honest: This precious unicorn outfit has me wondering whether I, an adult woman, could pull off something similar (I'm thinking 100 percent yes, yes I can).

A Bee-Youtiful Furry Pal
aekdb06 on Twitter

This little doggo looks as sweet as honey, softly smiling in the cutest bumble bee costume I've ever seen on either an animal or a person. And how could you say no to more treats when you're looking at that perfect face?