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32 Instagram Captions For Dogs That Were Made For Your Fur Baby's Halloween Costume

Halloween is a time worth celebrating. There's plenty to do with your friends and family leading up to the holiday, but one member of your family often gets left out. Your fur baby is as important to you as your absolute best friends, so you must include them in all of the Halloween fun. These adorable Instagram captions for dogs will help you and your pooch capture the true essence of Halloween as they show off in their adorable costume.

If you're a dog parent, you know your fur baby will be dressed up for Halloween this year. You may have bought your pupper costumes in the past, but that's no reason to let your dog miss out on the fall festivities. They will look more adorable than they ever have before (if that's even possible), and they will steal the hearts of trick or treaters everywhere.

As soon as your little BFF gets into their costume, the photo shoot will commence. They just look so cute, and you need to document this moment. In a matter of minutes, your camera roll will be filled with snaps of your sweet angel. The Instagram post of your pup in their getup could totally go viral overnight, but your picture needs to stand out among all of the other doggos in costume.

The right caption, at the perfect balance between funny and aesthetic, will draw the attention of your audience. If a user is looking at your post long enough to read the caption, you're likely to get a follow, so you have to impress the masses. Take advantage of the holiday with some clearly thought-out Instagram posts to boost your interest and have some fun with your pup this Halloween. These festive and punny photo captions will be the perfect pair with your fur baby's sweet face.


1. "Creep it real." -- Unknown

2. "That's just my resting witch face." -- Unknown

3. "Happy Howl-o-ween." -- Unknown

4. "Witch better have my candy." -- Unknown

5. "Don't make me get the flying monkeys." -- The Wizard of Oz

6. "Trick or treat, motherpupper." -- Unknown

7. "I feel pawsitively bootiful." -- Unknown

8. "Life's too short to wear boring clothes." -- Cushnie Et Ochs

9. #SquadGoals (because your dog is the only squad you need, am I right?)


10. "Ready to pawty." -- Unknown

11. "Fur-well, October! It's been fun." -- Unknown

12. "Let's get spooky." -- Unknown

13. "When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween." -- Unknown

14. "Say boo and scary on." -- Unknown

15. "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." --William Shakespeare

16. "Looking fur-ocious." -- Unknown

17. "Everything's better with a little magic." -- Unknown

18. "Don't I look fetching?" --Unknown


19. "Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be." -- Unknown

20. "Lock your windows, bolt the door, monster season's here once more." -- Rusty Fischer

21. "Trick or treat? Did you say treat?" -- Unknown

22. "Fashion, darling." -- Unknown

23. "Every day is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us..." -- Tim Burton

24. "I think we all know who won the costume contest." -- Unknown

25. "As happy as a witch in a broom factory." -- Unknown

26. "Keep calm and say boo." -- Unknown

27. "Does all this fur make my butt look big?" -- Unknown

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28. "It's just a bunch of hocus pocus." -- Hocus Pocus

29. "This is where the magic happens." -- Unknown

30. "I put a spell on you because your mine." -- The Animals

31. "Witch way to the treats?" -- Unknown

32. "There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight." --Unknown

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