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When you post pictures of your dog's Halloween costume, use these clever captions and quotes.

50 Clever Quotes For Your Dog's Costume That Are Pup-kin Spice And Everything Nice

Witch way to the treats?

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Your dog is sweeter than a pumpkin spice latte, even when they are as nutty as a full-size Snickers bar. They have all the love in the world to give, and don't ask for much in return besides Milk Bones, cuddles, and your undivided attention when they're doing something ridiculously adorable (which is literally always). Your camera roll is overflowing with pictures of them living their #bestlives, especially when they're hopping from leaf pile to leaf pile in the fall or snoozing next to your freshly-carved pumpkin. When it comes time to have your dog dress up for Halloween in a too-cute disguise, you need a clever Instagram caption complete with a dog halloween costume pun to accompany all your pics and videos.

Whether you are taking your pup out to a party or just watching spooky movies together, you know your pup will be taking the cuteness up a notch on Oct. 31. They may be dressed to impress in the most dapper cable knit sweater or a cute ghost costume, or maybe you decided to tap into your love of puns by disguising them as a little hot dog. This year, let everyone know they’re the cutest pup-kin in the patch with one of these spooky and clever captions for your dog’s Halloween costume.

Don’t stress if you’re not sure what your dog should be, because there are a bunch of cute and easy options for dog Halloween costumes that will work perfectly alongside these captions. You could tie a bandana around their neck and have them be the cutest cowboy pup, or get them a tiny witch hat to be in your coven. Once you’ve snapped the perfect pic, use one of these Halloween puns and quote ideas for a clever caption that’ll have your fellow dog lovers howling.

svetikd/E+/Getty Images
  1. "Cutest pup-kin in the patch."
  2. "Witch better have my Milk Bones."
  3. "Sassy since day one."
  4. "Maybe I ate all the treats... maybe I didn't."
  5. "Creepin' it real since birth."
  6. "Pup-kin spice and everything nice."
  7. "Ruff life being this cute."
  8. "That's one hot dog." (For a pup in a hot dog costume, naturally.)
  9. "Just here for the Milk Bones."
  10. "Get yourself a handsome puppy. He will never ghost you."
  11. "Zero fluffs given."
  12. "Too cute to spook."
  13. "Haunt mess."
  14. "Wake and slay."
  15. "Witch way to the treats?"
  16. "Let's taco bout it."
  17. "Happy Pug-o-ween."
  18. "Dressed to impress." (For the dapper pet who's trying to get some digits at the Halloween party.)
  19. "Let's get this pawty started."
  20. "Clear winner of the costume contest."
  21. "Does this bun make my butt look big?" (For the pup in a hot dog costume.)
  22. "Paws off my treats, witches."
  23. "Squad."
  24. "Fall so hard mother pumpkins wanna spice me."
  25. "Hot date for the night." (For a picture of you and your pet.)
  26. "Dapper AF."
  27. "I can't really see another squad tryna cross us." — Drake, "No Tellin'" (For the pup crew who won Halloween.)
  28. "#SquashGoals"
  29. "I never met a pup-kin I didn't like."
  30. "Ready for the house pawty."
  31. "Throw some glitter, make it rain." — Kesha, "Blow" (For the diva pup.)
  32. "Glitter is my signature color." (Also for the diva pup.)
  33. "No tricks, just treats.”
  34. “Me and my Ghoul.”
  35. “Witch bones are the milk bones?”
  36. “Spooky and sleepy.”
  37. “Whodunit?”
  38. “My #1 Boo.”
  39. “It’s hard to be spooked when you’re looking this cute.”
  40. “Here to pawty.”
  41. “Trick or treat for kibble, please.”
  42. “Did somebody say treat?”
  43. “Fur-well October!”
  44. “It’s called fashion. Look it up.” (For when your pup is dressed to the nines.)
  45. “A fur-ocious beast.”
  46. “Replacing barks with boos for tonight.”
  47. “I love Howl-o-ween.”
  48. “Who needs a holiday to ask strangers for treats when this pup does it every day?”
  49. “Scary and hairy”
  50. “I’m pawsitive I won the costume contest.”

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