8 Christmas Cheese Ball Recipes For Wine Wednesday Plans With The Girls

Wine Wednesday with your girls is an absolute necessity this time of year. The end of the year can be super stressful with the holidays coming up, so I'm prescribing a treat yourself kind of a night with your mains. I mean, if wine and your squad doesn't sound like a dream, I don't know what does. Though we can't forget the most important staple of a wine Wednesday, and that's the cheese. Just like you need your friends to destress, wine pairs perfectly with an assortment of cheeses, so just in time for the holidays, you should try one of many Christmas cheese ball recipes.

A regular plate of cheese is totally fine, but why not jazz it up with a fun holiday shape, like a tree or snowman? Your friends will appreciate your added festive flair, and these eight cheese ball recipes are super easy to create.

There's absolutely no extra stress of having to make something lavish. It's just a fun holiday-themed snack of delicious cheese that can pair so well with your wine. You and your girls could put on a favorite holiday movie to watch and unwind, or just sit around the fire and talk about everything you're excited about in the new year.

This wine Wednesday is going on the cal, because we need it now. Grab an extra glass, and dive into that festive cheese ball, because we're having ourselves a very merry Christmas.

Pine Cone Cheese Ball
Food Wishes on YouTube

This cheese ball looks so much like a pine cone, that you almost stop yourself from eating it. Once you notice it's just almonds in cheese, you can't help yourself from digging in. This cheese ball is not too holiday-specific either, so you can make it throughout the winter and the rest of the year.

Christmas Tree Cheese Ball
Allrecipes on YouTube

This tiny Christmas tree cheese ball is just so cute. I mean, who doesn't want to invite as many Christmas trees as possible to their party? It sets the right mood for the season, and it's super delicious as well.

I love that you can decorate your Christmas tree cheese ball with whatever peppers or vegetables your heart desires to make them look like ornaments. Have fun creating this masterpiece.

Cheesecake Snowman
KitchMe on YouTube

This is a sweet cheese ball recipe if you and your girls are enjoying some dessert wine. This snowman is so adorable, we almost don't want to eat him, but our stomachs are saying otherwise.

Little gingerbread or sugar cookies will be the perfect holiday treats for dipping into this cheesecake ball. Enjoy!

Candy Cane Cheese Ball
Momma Melly on YouTube

A candy cane is an easy holiday shape to create for your cheese ball. And all you have to do to get the red stripes of your candy cane is by adding red peppers. It's so simple, that we're wondering why we didn't think of it on our own.

Jack Skellington Cheese Ball
Rosanna Pansino on YouTube

If your favorite Christmas movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas, then this is a great cheese ball for you to serve at your gathering. The best part about this Jack Skellington cheese ball is that you can make him for Halloween and keep making him for parties until Christmas. It's just like how you've been watching the movie on repeat since October.

Cranberry Feta Cheese Ball
Betty's Kitchen on YouTube

This cheese ball tutorial doesn't come in a fun holiday shape, but it's covered in dried cranberries, which is one of the iconic colors of Christmas. You can also shape this recipe into whatever holiday formation you'd like. Plus, cranberries are a holiday staple, so we can't wait to savor this snack during Christmastime.

Mini Cheese Ball Bites
Recipe Cook on YouTube

Thanks to this tutorial, you can have different flavors of cheese balls for the girl crew who loves both savory and sweet treats. These parsley-covered and cranberry-covered bites will be major hits. Plus, the cranberries and parsley will look super festive displayed on a holiday tray with your red wine.

Pomegranate Italian Cheese Ball
Jim Thomas on YouTube

Cranberry is great to add to your cheese ball to obtain all of those festive vibes, but pomegranate is something you must try out this year. The red pomegranate seeds are absolutely gorgeous on the cheese ball. You can garnish your cheese ball plate with some green rosemary and thyme to give it an essential holiday feel.