These 7 Mulled Wine Recipes Will Keep You Toasty All Season Long

As if wine didn't already make you feel relaxed and cozy enough, mulled wine is here to keep you company during the colder months. Not only is the festive blend incredibly euphoric, but mulled wine recipes can include some of your favorite choices of red wine, spices, and even citrus fruits.

Think of it as a sangria for the wintertime, except it's warm and you can go wild and stick a cinnamon stick in it, too. Sipping on a hot beverage during the winter is almost incomplete without a cinnamon stick though, right? Another great thing about this warm wine creation is that you can make it right in your kitchen. Turn your kitchen into that very candle you purchased at Bath & Body Works, because mulled wine blesses basically all of the senses. From the tastes to the smells, you'll never want to leave your house once you've set it on the stove.

Can you see it yet? You're bundled up in one of your favorite blankets, wearing your comfy PJs, and in your hand is a nice, warm mug full of your very own mulled wine. As an adult, that sounds like a slice of heaven. Wanting is the easy part, so take some tips on how to get started in the kitchen and make your way toward mulled wine perfection.

Gordon Ramsay's Recipe
Gordon Ramsay on YouTube

OK, how can you not consider a recipe recommended by Gordon Ramsay? He sure knows how to make just about anything taste good, so you're in good hands taking advice from the pro. Pour with confidence, because you're getting this delicious recipe from one of the best.

Mulled Wine With A Twist
Jamie Oliver on YouTube

A twist? We're always game for something new. Freshly-squeezed fruits are your friend. In fact, if you can get your hand on all types of fresh ingredients, you're going to take your mulled wine to the next level. It's a shame you can't make your own natural red wine, huh?

The Perfect Christmas Party Drink
Jamie Oliver - Drinks on YouTube

Christmas parties are all about good vibes and something to cheers with, right? These tutorials are all the more better with these hosts. It's almost like you listen better because of their personalities. Either way, citrus is proving to be super important when it comes to mulled wine.

Italian Mulled Wine
Jamie Oliver - Drinks on YouTube

Italian anything is usually super yummy, and don't get me started on their wines. There are some pretty random ingredients in this recipe, but those usually make for the best concoctions. It's amazing how seasonings can really complement each other and create an unbelievable taste when they're grouped together. Sip up!

Deliciously Boozy
Scoff on YouTube

Mulled wine definitely seems like one of those drinks that will sneak up on you. Think of it like your normal wine, but a tad more deceitful because it's warm, which probably makes you forget that there is even alcohol in it. You also have to consider how many bottles can go into these recipes as well.

Grated Orange Equals Great Taste
HappyFoods Tube on YouTube

I can't clinically prove that mulled wine has any health benefits, but it sure involves a lot of citrus. Regardless, we are here for it, and the citrus is probably what releases that heavenly aroma once the mulled wine heats up on the stove. There needs to be a mulled wine-scented candle, ASAP.

Sip, Sip, Hooray
Katie Pix on YouTube

Even if you aren't super into red wine, mulled wine may give you a change of heart. Most of the time, people are turned off by reds because of the more bitter and less sweet taste. With all of these spices and fruits heated in, you sort of get back that sweet taste you adore so much in other wines.

The magic wonders of wine award us again with a cup full of deliciousness we can have for those colder months. If wine isn't the most innovative thing ever, I don't know what is.