These Galentine's Day Ideas Are So Cheap & Perfect For You & Your Broke Squad

For many people, Valentine's Day can cause a rush of panic to the heart for a variety of reasons, one of which is often the ridiculous amount of money that goes into "enjoying" the occasion. If you're not feelin' the expensive ode to coupledom this year, planning some cheap things to do on Galentine's Day might be the way to go instead. Not only will you be honoring the lovely Leslie Knope from the incredible show Parks and Recreation, but you'll also be celebrating all of your favorite lady friendships and the fun you all have spending time in each other's company. Let's be real, even if you do have an SO, your gal pals deserve a little recognition this February too, amirite?

As for me, I've always considered my mom to be my valentine, which means I never pass up on celebrating Galentine's Day. Furthermore, I religiously only shell out the amount that it costs to buy those rip-out cartoon-themed valentines from the pharmacy. But if you and your gals are looking for some fun and inspired ideas that don't cost an arm and a heart, I've got you covered on this one.

Yes, friends, this Galentine's Day, love will grow, but your wallet will stay the same size. Here are a few cheap things you and your squad can do this Feb. 13.

A Comfy Lounge Party With Only The Most Practical "Lingerie"
Harper Wilde

The Base, $35, Harper Wilde

Who needs all that fancy, flossy lingerie? Invite the gals over with one rule, and one rule only: Everyone must wear only the most practical bra and underwear that very little money can buy. Or heck, go bra-less for the cheapest possible option. The name of the game is a night of comfy lounging featuring some wine, snacks, and great conversation.

An Old School Valentine's Day Craft Night
ARTSHUB Handmade's on YouTube

Pool your cash together and get some craft supplies. Trust me, a little goes a long way, and all you really need is construction paper, glue, doilies, crayons, and of course, you have to have a bit of glitter.

Listen to some old school, romantic crooners like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra while you cut, paste, and share a box of truffles.

A Dash And Diner

First of all, no, I'm not talking about ditching the check after a meal at a restaurant, because that's just plain mean.

While you may scoff at my own dash-and-diner idea, hear me out: Why not meet up with your friends for a nice group jog, and then reward yourselves with a cheap and indulgent meal at your local diner, featuring some strawberry milkshakes and endless baskets of French fries? I say a Galentine's Day to remember is definitely one you can spend entirely in sneakers and sweatpants.

Make A Heart-Shaped Breakfast For Dinner
Hallmark Channel on YouTube

There's nothing cheaper than a little red food coloring and a box of Bisquick, amirite?

Put your chef hat on, whip up some heart-shaped pancakes, and ask your gals to bring the pink champagne.

Get Dressed Up In Cheap, Gaudy Clothes For A Gift Exchange

Put a $10 spending limit on buying the gaudiest jewelry you can find, and host a classic White Elephant gift exchange, where everyone picks a number, then one by one you all choose gifts, swapping as you see fit during your turn.

By the end, you and your friends will be simply dazzling darlings in faux diamond chandelier earrings and ruby rings.

A Romantic-ish Ice Skating Adventure

Rent some skates and get on the ice, or even rent some rollerblades and hit the nearest roller rink. I double-dare you to dress up like you're going to a '50s sock-hop.

Perhaps cocoa or an egg-cream afterward, to top off all that nostalgia?

A Night of Tarot Readings
Harmony Nice on YouTube

Trust me, I'm pretty new to tarot, but with a YouTube tutorial and a simple guide, you gals can try reading each other's tarot in no time. Who better to help you figure out those nagging queries than your best friends, and all the spiritual guidance their true love can bring to you?

Face Masks And Movies All Night Long
Lena & Lina

Bio-Cellulose Facial Stress Mask, $15, Lena & Lina

Obvious as it may be, it's a classic. Pull up a queue of the best rom-coms Netflix has to offer, put on those face masks, and enjoy the most relaxing, low-key evening ever.

Happy Galentine's Day!