8 Small Changes That You May Not Realize Make A Big Difference In Your Daily Life

We all need a little extra boost every once in awhile to get us going. Life, relationships, and our hectic schedules can be hard sometimes, but it’s the little things that can actually end up getting us through it all. Making a slight change in your daily routine, or just investing in something that brings you so much joy can make all the difference. They may seem so small at first glance, but those little tweaks can have a big impact on your happiness. You may be wondering what changes to make every day in your life, and we've come up with a few ideas to get you started.

Anyone looking at them might not understand their significance, but they're a positive influence on you (most especially on your worst days). If you don't know where to begin, here are eight tiny changes to make in your life. You need to find your little slice of happiness wherever you can that’s unique and special to you. These changes are almost too easy to accomplish, and the end result is certainly worth it. Really take advantage of the treat yo’self mentality, and invest in some things that make you feel great.

Have A Special Coffee Mug On Hand
Matt Hoffman/Unsplash

Having a go-to favorite mug for your morning coffee is essential. It can be an old mug from your childhood, or something chic you saved up for at Anthropologie. Whatever it is, it brings a smile to your face whenever you grab it from the cabinet, and I'm sure the morning caffeine that goes in it helps as well.

Reach Out To Friends You Don't Get To See That Often

We're all guilty of it. We might go weeks without seeing some of our closest friends, because we get busy with work and other commitments. Reaching out to friends you haven't seen in awhile by sending a sweet, "I miss you. How's the week treating you?" text, or even an out of the blue phone call will instantly brighten your day as well as theirs.

Invest In Cozy AF Bedding
Kinga Cichewicz/Unsplash

A comfy bed makes all the difference. You retreat to your bed every night, so why not make it an experience you enjoy? Fancy sheets like Egyptian cotton might be a total splurge, but are so worth it when you can get a nice night of sleep every single night. Being well-rested is the first step in having better days.

Do Something Nice For Someone Else
Evan Kirby/Unsplash

This could be as simple as giving your friend a ride home, so they don't have to spend money on a Lyft. This could also be sending your friend a nice handmade card in the mail. By doing something nice for someone else, you're making their day better, and it really makes you feel great.

Find Your Perfect Workout Routine
Emily Sea/Unsplash

You wouldn't believe how much a good workout can totally change your day. Whether you go for a jog in the morning, or attend a Beyonce dance class, find something that works for you. Exercise gives you tons of endorphins, so you'll be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.

Keep A To-Do List, And Mark It Off
Aaron Burden/Unsplash

We all have things we want to do, aka, brunch spots to check out, movies to see, and new activities to try. Downloading a fun organization app or getting an adorable notebook to make a bucket list of everything you want to do (and actually making an effort to check those off when you finish them) can make you feel better and accomplished.

Light Your Favorite Candles On The Regular
Daiga Ellaby/Unsplash

You wouldn't believe how much a beautiful aroma can actually transform your mood. That's why a fresh pine-scented candle can get you in the right mood for Christmas, and a jasmine-scented candle can make you feel relaxed when you're having a stressful day. Having your go-to scent throughout your apartment improves your mood like you wouldn't believe.

Carry A Water Bottle With A Motivational Quote On It
Sarah Diniz Outeiro/Unsplash

I'm obsessed with fun and interesting cups. I don't know about you, but whenever I see a water bottle with a motivational quote on it, I have to get it. I never noticed before, but having that bottle around meant I was drinking the right amount of water every day as well. Getting your daily fix of water is a super easy way to make you feel amazing in an instant.