8 Boozy Eggnog Recipes For The Girl Who Can Never Get Enough Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is finally here, which means we can put on our coziest sweaters and boots, hang up all of the festive decorations, and make ourselves a delicious batch of boozy eggnog. It's truly a special treat we whip up once a year. You just know it's eggnog time when the weather starts to get cold, and we hear jingle bells ringing basically everywhere. As someone who cannot get enough of the holiday cheer, I know how important it is to find some really amazing boozy eggnog recipes to have readily available.

You'll most likely want to serve up boozy eggnog for any party you host this season, or even just to enjoy on a night in watching holiday flicks. No matter what the occasion is, we want to take advantage of this jolly time of year by drinking as much eggnog as we can, so go ahead and try out a variety of these tutorials. There are eggnog recipes with rum, whiskey, and even bourbon. Basically, you can add your favorite alcohol to your favorite holiday drink, and even Santa would be proud.

Here are eight boozy eggnog recipes you can experiment with to find your favorite mix. Cheers to a very merry holiday season.

Traditional Dark Rum Eggnog
Stephanie Manley on YouTube

This is a no heat required recipe that will work well for any kind of alcohol you decide to use, although this tutorial specifically highlights a dark rum. The best part about this recipe is that it will last a couple of weeks in your fridge. So, you can keep a pitcher in there to consume whenever you're feeling jolly.

Festive Bourbon Eggnog Recipe
Working Class Foodies on YouTube

This recipe highlights cooking the eggs instead of leaving them raw. Since you're using heat for this recipe, it results in a cozy, warm drink you can savor by the fireplace on a cold night with bae. I love the inclusion of vanilla bean, nutmeg, and cinnamon, which gives this beverage such a fresh taste.

Chocolate Eggnog With Spiced Rum
Jamie Oliver - Drinks on YouTube

Eggnog is good enough all on its own, but adding chocolate into the mix gives you the exact same feeling you get when opening presents on Christmas morning. Chocolate and alcohol — now these are two of my very favorite things. I don't know about you guys, but this will probably be my go-to holiday drink going forward. You can serve this recipe hot or cold.

An Eggnog Cocktail
ChefSteps on YouTube

If you want to get fancy with your eggnog, you can always serve an eggnog cocktail. This recipe utilizes eggnog that's already been made. So, any lazy girl can make this one with some store-bought eggnog. Serve it up in a cool glass and you'll be ready for the Instagram.

Vegan Eggnog With Spiced Rum
hot for food on YouTube

This video tutorial has three different holiday drink recipes, but we're totally trying out the vegan eggnog. It looks delicious, right up to the vegan whipped cream on top. Since it's vegan, pretty much all of your friends can try this one, so no one is feeling left out of the holiday festivities.

Tequila Eggnog
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

Most of these recipes use rum for their choice of alcohol, but this is for the tequila lovers out there. Tequila in eggnog? Really? I know it might not be the first thought that comes to mind, but this eggnog recipe is just creamy and delicious enough that you'll instantly fall in love. If tequila is your go-to choice alcohol, then this is definitely the eggnog for you.

An Eggnog Martini
POPSUGAR Food on YouTube

This is probably the eggnog that James Bond would drink, because it's in martini form. If it's good enough for 007, then it's certainly good enough for me to give it a try. The graham cracker rim is a fancy touch that will seriously impress all of your friends.

Peppermint Eggnog
Allrecipes on YouTube

If you want a very festive version of eggnog, you can try out this peppermint recipe. This tutorial is great for making a punch that you can serve for any holiday bash you're throwing, and anyone can sip as much as they want. I'm obsessed with the candy cane garnishes around the punch bowl. For real though, you know this is the eggnog that Santa enjoys on the reg.