75 Clever Group Text Names For Friends Who Stay Connected On The Regular

I seriously don't know what we'd do without group texts. It's the most convenient way to let everyone in your squad know what's up at once, and keep in touch throughout the day when you're not together. It's the perfect place to plan your Friday night hangs, and send funny memes back and forth to each other. As much as you love group chats, you also know that they can get a bit disorganized quickly if you don't have clever group text names for friends.

I have several different group chats in my phone for my work friends, college friends, hometown friends, and even my family. If it wasn't for the group names I have set in my phone, I know I'd be sending the wrong text over and over again to different groups.

The minute you start a new text group, the first thing you should do is set a name. It shouldn't be just any name, though. It has to be something that perfectly matches your crew. If you're looking for something for your friends' group chat, you might want to consider any of these 75 names. There's a combination of puns and sweet names that perfectly describe a crew that's so well connected, that your group text is going off nonstop.

If you need help deciding, just send this entire list over to your group chat now. It may seem like a lot, but your squad will know the right name the minute you see it.

1. The Greatest Of All Time

2. The Plastics

3. No Boys Allowed

4. The Queen Bees

5. The Chamber of Secrets

6. X.O.X.O. Gossip Girls

7. All The Single Ladies

8. The Girls' Room

9. Avengers Assemble

10. Meme Queens

11. My Friendchips

12. We Run The World

13. My Gouda Friends

14. The Musketeers

15. PB To My J


16. My People

17. Sisters From Another Mister

18. Mermaid To Be Friends Forever

19. F is For Friends Who Do Stuff Together

20. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

21. Bae-Goals

22. My Main Squeezes

23. You Can't Sit With Us

24. My Best Teas

25. Mint To Be Friends Forever

26. 2Gether 4Ever

27. Grate Friends

28. Flantastic Friends

29. We Who Shall Not Be Named

30. The Real Housewives

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

31. The Coven

32. Let's Taco 'Bout It

33. A Good Pear

34. I Loaf My Friends

35. Waffle Lot Of Texts

36. Koalaty Friends

37. V.I.P. Only

38. Shrimply The Best

39. My Fab Five

40. Best Fries Forever

41. The Golden Girls

42. Kind Of A Big Dill

43. Incoming Texts

44. My Beys

45. Texts From The Bests

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46. Peachy Queens

47. Lava My Friends

48. Let's Ketchup

49. Girls' Night Planners

50. Meow Best Friends

51. Oops! We Texted Again

52. Lettuce Be Friends Forever

53. Hap-bee Together

54. We Share Because We Care

55. Aloha Beaches

56. 50 Shades Of Slay

57. We're Fineapples

58. Text So Mochi

59. You Mocha Me Happy

60. *Insert Group Name Here*


61. Sew Glad We're Friends

62. Cerealsly The Best

63. Otterly Awesome

64. Eggcellent Squad

65. Some Bunnies

66. Love A Brunch

67. Brunch Squad

68. On Sundays We Brunch

69. Turn Down For Brunch

70. Unicorny Friends

71. Best Witches

72. Cat Ladies

73. My Support Bras

74. Aloe My Besties

75. Beaches Only