7 Ways Older Brothers Prove There Really Are Genuinely Good Guys Out There


Don't lose hope. Good guys do exist. When you're 20-something and struggling to find that special someone, it can be difficult to not be cynical about love and relationships. You take up new hobbies, fall in love with yourself, and wait for all of the stars in the universe to align to bring you a good guy (Probably blaming Mercury Retrograde along the way.) Truth is, it doesn't take a big neon sign to find the one. There are many ways older brothers prove there are good guys out there. So, before you become a Grinch, look to the awesome guy already in your life.

Being a brother is a big job. He's a role model, a secret-keeper, and a friend. As an older brother, he's expected to pave the way -- for future mistakes, family mishaps, and mac and cheese dinners.

What he doesn't realize is that he is also the perfect proof that settling for succulents and the single life isn't the only option. Relationships are tricky, but a lot of the same traits that make him a good older brother, make him exactly what girls are looking for in their soulmates.

Here are seven ways your older brother is living proof that one day your prince will come... and it will be legen- wait for it -dary.

They're Team Players

Being part of a family is like being a part of a soccer team. You're all in the game together. Sometimes you might be defense, and other times, you're the one going for goal. As long as you play hard, and stick around when it gets muddy, you win even if the scoreboard says otherwise.

Your brother may or may not have played sports growing up, but he's still always been a part of a team. Brothers make great team players because they step up when they have to, but also know when to just support you from the sidelines.

In a relationship, you want a guy who's a team player. The two of you are are a new kind of team, maybe a bit smaller, but not any less significant. Your brother will remind you that there are guys who will put in the effort, but also pass you the ball.

They Always Stand Up For You

You can always trust a brother to be there for you. He knows what kind of person you are, because he's known you since the days of crayons and coloring books. So, if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, you always have at least once sidekick to cheer you on.

In a relationship, your guy is your sidekick. He'll stand up for you and give you a support system you can always trust.

They Have A Great Sense of Humor

Nobody picks out a funny birthday card quite like a brother. They know when to crack a joke, and which Cards Against Humanity pairs will make you have a good (although reckless) laugh. Brothers remind us that having a good sense of humor is key, and the reassurance that our future baes will give us good LOL.

They're Tough And Teach You To Be, Too

Whether it's mentally, emotionally, or physically, older brothers are tough. They've been through enough life to know the good and the bad in the world, and will teach you how to face it all. They'll know how to change a tire, solve a math problem, or forgive a friend -- and send a little wisdom and self-sufficiency your way while they're at it.

Good guys have this quality, too. They'll be passionate and knowledgeable about life, and make you a better person for challenging the same from you.

They Work Hard At What They Do

Work hard, play hard. Brothers aren't the type to back down from hard work. They're passionate about what they do, and never leave a job undone. Life (and happy hour) is much more rewarding that way.

In a relationship, you want the guy who works hard. How he works toward his dreams is a big sign of how he'll work toward your relationship. A good guy, like your brother, will be the best boss and the best bae.

They're Daring

Taking risks is what life and relationships are all about. Getting out of your comfort zone is scary, but also key to following your dreams and building bonds like no other.

Skydiving? Check. Living abroad? Check. Getting an engineering certification? Check. My older brother is living his best life, because he lets nothing hold him back. Now, you don't have to jump out of plane to reach new relationship heights, but your older brother will be a great reminder that there are guys that willing to take the leap with you.

They Care About Their Friends

Cue Drake & Josh: "Hug me, brotha!"

Girl squads have some big competition in bromances. Chandler and Joey, Barack Obama and Joe Biden -- truly inseparable friendships we're all dying to be a part of.

Growing up, we watched our older brothers hang out with their friends, and over the years go to college and grow up with them. They love those guys like family, and would do anything for them -- much like you would your best girlfriend.

A good boyfriend is a good best friend first. Lucky for you, your brother is here to remind you that those guys truly do exist.