7 Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day, Because You Deserve A Memorable Day

by Christy Piña
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Valentine's Day is basically tomorrow, so you're probably starting to brainstorm how you can wow your date, especially if this is your first V-Day together. Sure, dinner at a bougie restaurant always does the job, but what about taking it a step further? Instead of taking your date on a typical Feb. 14 date, maybe you want to consider more unique ways to celebrate Valentine's Day this time around. But regardless of what you decide to plan for "the most romantic day of the year," your date will probably love it, simply because you made the effort to plan something for them.

"So many times, we are somewhat forced to picture Valentine's Day a particular way — roses, chocolates, tiny plush bears — and it seems like the romance is manufactured for us," Tyler Turk, founder of Crated With Love, previously told Bustle. "In reality, Valentine's Day is meant to celebrate your love for that special someone. Love is rarely contrived — it is unique, spontaneous, and needs to be special! Instead of falling into doing the same thing, find a unique activity that helps spark some of those feelings of excitement and anticipation, just like you had when you first started dating!"

While roses, chocolate, tiny plush bears, and dinner are all great ways to celebrate V-Day, replacing the traditional with one of these unique dates can add the cherry on top of your romantic evening.

24 Hours In A New City.
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Spending 24 hours in a new city (or even in your own hometown) is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things with your partner. Every hour, do something different around town, like breakfast at a bakery, then a visit to a particular neighborhood or exhibit, and so on throughout the day. If that's not entirely realistic, you can do one new thing every couple of hours. The point of this fun day is to explore your city in a way you never have before, or get to know a new place entirely.

Paint Each Other.

Even if you and your Valentine's Day date aren't the most artistic people, spending a night trying to paint each other can be super fun. You can even decide to paint each other in your birthday suits, which can lead to some very artistic horizontal parties.

Go On A Scavenger Hunt.

Whether you plan one for your date or they plan one for you, a scavenger hunt is an exciting way to get out and about. You get to see different parts of your town or city, and be pleasantly surprised by whatever your prize is at the end.

Switch The Flowers For Flour.
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Instead of getting your date flowers, arrive at their house with a bag of flour and all the other ingredients you need to make a pizza. Dinner and a movie is always a good move for Valentine's Day, but spending the night making something together can be a nice (and delicious!) way to bond and put a spin (literally, if you want) on a classic.

Instead Of A Fancy Dinner, Consider Going On A Food Tour.

Dinner at a fancy restaurant is definitely a safe bet for Valentine's Day or any other date night, but if you want to do something a little more unique, consider going on a food tour instead. Make a list of a few of your favorite spots to eat and drink, preferably close enough to walk, and have one thing at each place.

Book A Cute Airbnb In The Town Over.

Staying at an extravagant hotel in your city can be a pretty great way to spend Valentine's Day, but if you want to add a hint of personality and uniqueness, go one town over. Check out the Airbnbs, or the bed and breakfasts a little further from your backyard. This will give you the chance to see another place and make it feel like you're actually on a vacation.

Go On A Hot Air Balloon Ride.
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Granted, hot air balloon rides aren't that easy to come by, but if you do your research, you might be able to find one within driving distance from your city. Hot air balloon rides are most likely a little higher in price, so give the idea a good think before signing up. It's also probably best to avoid this excursion if your date is afraid of heights. But if you have some spare change in your pocket and your date is down for anything, this can be a super special way to celebrate the day of ~love~.

Anything you and your date do on Valentine's Day will be great because you're celebrating together, but doing something way different like going on one of these dates is bound to leave a lasting impression. There are 364 days in the year to Netflix and chill. Make Valentine's Day the exception, take a risk, and do something you've never done before with someone special. Chances are, you won't regret it.

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