5 Valentine's Day 2019 Sex Positions To Rock Your Valentine’s World

No matter how you feel about Valentine's Day normally, trust me when I say that this year, you're going to want to celebrate. If you’re naturally romantic, you probably already have some plans in mind, but even for the most cynical among us, there is a very good reason to embrace V-Day: The celebrating you'll doing in the bedroom. Maybe cards, balloons, and a dozen roses aren't your jam, and that's fine. But trust when I say that these Valentine’s Day 2019 sex positions are guaranteed to put anyone in the holiday spirit.

That’s because, despite what the greeting card industry wants you to believe, at its core this holiday is really about getting close to the one you love and celebrating that love in whatever way feels best for you. And if that means celebrating in the way that literally feels best, well, then, fantastic. The key is to just shift the focus to really cherishing the person you love and using it as an excuse to refocus on one another, not just for the day but moving forward throughout the year. As for how I celebrate? Well, I suggest giving give these oh-so-very-adult activities a try with your Valentine. Get ready to be become a Valentine's Day believer.

Cupid’s Blow

What’s better than a dozen roses and a box of chocolate? Oral sex! So, give bae what they really want for V-day: Cupid’s Blow. To achieve this position, assume the 69 position, except hold yourselves up by each other's ankles. Think of it like a plank, except sexual AF and using each other as support. Then, go down on each other.

The Saint on the Streets and a Sinner in the Sheets

Valentine’s Day may be named after a saint, but that definitely does not mean you have to behave like one. So, get your sensual celebration on in a position that is positively sinful. To achieve this position, have the receiving partner lay on their back and hold their legs up in the air. The giving partner, on their knees, then enters the the receiving partner, takes their partner's legs together and puts them on one of their shoulders. This creates a tight fit but also slightly changes the angle of penetration for increased G-spot stimulation. Hot!

Valen-Tie Me Up

You don't have to try a brand new position to spice things up on Valentine’s Day. Instead, just add a little light bondage into a position you already enjoy. Add a blindfold to increase sensation, or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous (I mean, it is a holiday, after all), try gently tying your hands up or to the bed posts.

The Box of Chocolate

It just isn’t Valentine’s Day without some chocolate. But who’s says that chocolate has to be served out of a heart-shaped box? Instead, this year serve the chocolate off of you. There are chocolate paint kits you can buy but since it’s a holiday, why not make some homemade chocolate paint you can flavor to your preference? You’ll never look at a Whitman’s sampler box the same again.

The Be-Sixty-Mine

Sure, it’s usually more fun to give rather than receive during the holidays, but why choose when you don’t have to? With the Be-Sixty-Mine position, you can have it all — and then some. To achieve this position, each partner lays on their sides in opposition directions so that they are facing each others’ feet. Then, the receiving partner pulls their knees up toward their chest with their legs spread apart, allowing the penetrating partner to enter between them. This is great for vaginal and anal entry, and allows for both deep penetration and for each partner to have plenty of control over the pace and depth. Like I said, a little something for everyone.

What did I tell you? There are plenty of great reasons to get into the holiday spirit this year! So, go on and make this the happiest (read: steamiest) Valentine’s Day yet.