5 Ultra-Romantic Sex Moves For An Unforgettable Night With Your Valentine

Valentine's Day comes with a ton of pressure and expectations, and the holiday only gets trickier when you're broke AF and still dying to spoil your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're doing V-Day on a budget this year, I'd say one of the greatest gifts you can give your partner is a mind-blowing night in the boudoir. (That's my way of saying multiple orgasms. You can give them multiple orgasms). It's easier said than done, I know, but studying these five Valentine's Day sex positions is a good place to start.

In my opinion, this holiday is not the time to go all Fifty Shades on your partner. Instead, it's an opportunity to engage in intimate, special, and crazy romantic sex moves. Whether you two are in love, like, or lust, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to have sex that's as dirty as it is tender. (As in, not the "Oh, let's get a quickie in before Westworld starts" kind. Hmm? That was just my exes? Cool, cool, cool.)

So break out the bubble bath, stock up on chocolate syrup, and light enough candles to hold a freaking vigil. Here are five scorchingly hot sex moves to try with your partner this Valentine's Day.

The Edible Arrangement

That's right, friends. Strawberries aren't the only thing you should be covering in chocolate this holiday. This move is simple and sexy and absolutely scrumptious: Just drizzle chocolate all over your partner and lap it up like the sex kitten you are. Be sure to twirl that tongue around, too — don't want to miss any drips.

(Note: Chocolate syrup's fine to throw on men, but opt for chocolate-flavored lube or even coconut oil if your partner's female. Otherwise, you run the risk of giving them a yeast infection, and no one wants that.)

The Rose In Bloom

This one's basically your standard Lotus Position, but with a Valentine's Day twist. Sprinkle your bed with roses, then sit down facing each other, and have the receiving partner wrap their legs around the penetrating partner. The motion here is more about slowly grinding and rocking than aggressively thrusting, which makes it feel a million times more intimate.

The Sensual Soaker

Sure, shower sex is hot in the movies, but it's far from romantic in real life. (So much slipping, so much sliding, so many questions about where and how to prop up your leg.) Instead, fill your bathtub with bubbles and essential oils, light a few dozen candles, and hop into the tub with your SO.

Use your hands to lather up every inch of their body, mixing up your speed, pressure, and focus areas as their arousal increases (you can even use the shower head as a sex toy, if you really want to take things up a notch).

The Rocking Horse

The rocking horse is similar to a cowgirl position, but with a rocking motion instead of an up-and-down bounce. Have the receiving partner straddle the penetrating partner, with their knees bent on the bed (or floor, or pool table, or field of wildflowers — you do you). Then simply lean forward and grind your hips forwards and backwards.

By swapping the bouncing for a slow grind, you've not only got a better shot at stimulating all the right spots (it is V-Day, after all), you also have the opportunity to kiss and nibble your partner's neck, shoulders, earlobes — everywhere.

The Anvil de L'Amour

French makes everything sound sexier, doesn't it? The anvil is a Kama Sutra position, wherein the receiving partner lies on their back with their legs wrapped around the penetrating partner's neck (or on top of either shoulder). It's a move that has you two wrapped up insanely close, allowing you to deepen your pleasure and chemistry.

All that's missing is a little Marvin Gaye.

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