7 Tips To Planning An Unforgettable Music Festival Trip With Your Girlfriends

The best part about a music festival is that there's so much to see and do. But, it can also get a little overwhelming when you're dealing with a ton of your favorite bands, multiple stages, big crowds, and only one you. Factor in the large group of girlfriends you're going with, and you know it's only going to add fuel to the crazy fire. You certainly want to have the time of your life, so you and your girlfriends should consider some tips to planning a music festival trip together.

With a little prep before you head out, you'll be able to make the most of your music festival experience. You've saved money for that ticket, picked out the trendiest outfits, and it's been pretty much a year in the making — so you shouldn't have to leave anything up to chance if you don't want to. Sure, some people like going with the flow at music festivals without a specific schedule to follow. But, you'll probably have far fewer worries if you follow a few of these pre-festival tips before you embrace your wanderlust. You and your besties will be living the good life before you know it.

Prioritize Which Bands You Want To See

You and your girls may want to see every single band, but unfortunately, it's just not possible. Until we figure out how to clone ourselves and be in two places at the same time, you have to prioritize which bands you really want to see at the festival.

I've definitely struggled with that moment when two of my favorite bands were playing at the same time on different stages, at opposite ends of the festival grounds. It will happen, and in that moment, you need to factor in which bands are really good live and which bands rarely go out on tour to determine who to see. Then, book it to the stage!

Bring A Portable Charger In Case You Need To Split Up

Between taking videos for your Instagram story and posing for selfies with your girls, a portable charger is so necessary to bring along. You'll be out and about for hours, so you might not have time to find an outlet to charge up. You also may want to split up from your friends to see different bands. You'll need to have a charged phone so that meeting up will be easier. Since some festivals have spotty service, pick out a meeting point and time as well — just in case.

Check The Final Lineup Before The Big Day

Some festivals will release their final schedule with times close to the event. This is a perfect opportunity to meet up with your friends for coffee — or even a wine night if you're 21 or older — and plan out your game plan. You don't have to be married to the schedule you come up with, you're just all getting in sync about what you want to do. Plus, who doesn't love an excuse to hang with their besties for drinks?

Pack An Empty Water Bottle To Keep Hydrated

You have to check out the FAQ page for your particular festival, but many music festivals allow concert-goers to bring in an empty water bottle. This water bottle will be your best friend when you're out and about all day long in the hot sun. It'll keep you hydrated while you're going from stage to stage, so you're set to dance the day away.

Don't Let Your Shoes Slow You Down

I think we've all been here before. You put on a cute new pair of boots in the name of fashion, and thought they would be a great choice at the time. By the end of the night, you're dragging your feet feeling totally defeated because those shoes gave you the worst blisters ever.

The key to a successful festival is finding the perfect pair of shoes you'll be comfortable in. You want your Instagram pics to look stylin', but you also don't want your shoes slowing you down. This is definitely something important to consider when shopping for your outfit.

Download The Right Festival Apps Ahead Of Time

Some music festivals have their very own apps to download before you go. Coachella has a festival app that's a must if you're going this year. It allows you to make your own personalized schedule, so that you're set to take on the day. The app even features a special Coachella camera that's new this year, with augmented reality experiences for all of those squad pics you'll inevitably take.

Be Open To Experiencing Something New

As much as you might plan ahead of time, the unexpected is always bound to happen. The best part of a music festival is stumbling onto a new band you've never heard of before and falling in love. Plan out what you can, but also remember to be open to straying away from your schedule when something new pops up.