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7 Things You Should Really Thank Your Bestie For On Thanksgiving

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On any given occasion, you can write down hundreds of things you're grateful for. For instance, you may be grateful for the barista who perfectly brews your pumpkin-flavored lattes, and your BFF who intently listens to your rants about work, relationships, and being an adult in the "real world." They're your rock, your day one — and there are many things to thank your best friend for on Thanksgiving, and honestly always.

If you tried to jot it all down, it would take up an entire notebook. And if you tried to say thanks in person for it all, it would likely take up a whole afternoon. You would miss out on the sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and turkey that comes with this holiday, and wouldn't be able to catch up on the score of the football game. That's why you've decided to focus on a few things that on a daily basis make you think, "Wow. I'm so lucky to have my best friend."

These may be the times that are usually indescribable because they're so sweet, or the things you forget to appreciate your BFF for because they do them on the reg. Granted, not all of these points may apply to your friendship. But most of these seven things to thank your best friend for on Turkey Day probably will.

Encouraging You To Get Outside Of Your Comfort Zone (If That's Where You Want To Be)

First up, you should thank your best friend for encouraging you to get outside your comfort zone. On the weekends, they may be the person who brings you hiking or to a unique restaurant you may not have tried by yourself. When you're thinking of taking the trip, they may be the buddy on the other side of the phone saying, "Yes. Do it!" Without them, you might have missed out on so many irreplaceable experiences.

Staying On FaceTime As Long As You Want

When you FaceTime your best friend, it lasts for hours. Even if you saw each other earlier that day, you end up on the phone for a while, catching up on the meals you've eaten and drama that's gone down since then. Sometimes you don't even talk at all and just enjoy each other's silent company. That deserves a hug and "thank you" on Thanksgiving.

Being Your Date To Events

Being in the "real world" means you may have to attend lots of events, work get-togethers, or fancy dinners. The invite usually says you can bring a plus one. So, you may text your best friend and say, "Hey, wanna come with me?" They're always down and already have an outfit picked out for the occasion.

Staying By Your Side As You Navigate Adulting Together

You and your BFF are navigating the "real world" together. You may even be roommates, writing out rent checks and grocery shopping for healthy foods on the weekends. When it gets overwhelming or you don't know something — like how long to put chicken in the oven or what kind of outfit to wear to an interview — it's nice to have your bestie right by your side.

Knowing Exactly What To Say And When To Say It

If your best friend has been in your life for a while or just gets you, then you'll want to thank her on Thanksgiving for knowing exactly what to say. During the thick and the thin, they might always have a wise piece of advice or a sweet quote that makes you feel like a million bucks. Turkey Day is the time to tell them how much you appreciate it and benefit from their loving soul.

Supporting Your Dreams And Goals

On the sideline of your life is your best friend. They have a pair of pom-poms in their hand and cheer you on as you run after your amazing dreams and goals. They support you when you pull all-nighters at work to finish a big project and listen when you talk about the business you want to start or how you want to move to the West Coast one day. Be a cheerleader for them on Thanksgiving — and always — so they feel that love and support right back.

Being Completely Honest With You

Nobody may be as honest with you as your best friend. At first, this personality trait of theirs may have stung a bit and made you take a step back. But you know it's ideal to have someone by your side who will give it to you straight and not beat around the bush. On Thanksgiving — and really every day — you should thank them for living and breathing the truth.

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