10 Important Things To Thank Your Bestie For That You May Take For Granted

by Kristin Corpuz

Your bestie is there for you through thick and thin, and sometimes, you can communicate with each other with just a simple look. Whether they're holding your dress up when you have to use the restroom at a formal event, or helping you retrace your steps to find your misplaced phone, your bestie never fails to show you how much they care. But because you both know each other so well and you're always together, you sometimes forget just how much they do for you. Here are some important things to thank your best friend for that you may take for granted without even knowing it.

It goes without saying, but your bestie knows how much you appreciate them. They know that you'll always have their back the same way they have yours. But every once in a while, it would be nice to thank them and show them how much you appreciate them. You can take them out for dinner, gift them a thoughtful little something, or even just say "thank you" out loud. They'll be so touched, and it will only help your friendship grow even stronger than it was before.

If your BFF does any of these things for you, you'll definitely want to thank them ASAP.

They Act As Your Voice Of Reason

How many times has your BFF talked you out of doing something that you didn't really think through? You appreciate having your bestie's consistent voice of reason to turn to. They also help you talk through things when you need someone to bounce ideas off of.

They Will Drop Everything For You

If you're ever in crisis, your bestie is one of the first people to come to your aid. They don't care how far away they are; they only want to help you. They don't mind putting their schedule on hold if it means that they can make sure that you're OK.

They Get Along With Your Family, Friends, And SO

A bestie isn't a true bestie unless they get along with all of the important people in your life. Approval from your family and significant other means everything to you, and you're grateful to have a BFF who everyone in your life really enjoys being around.

They Don't Judge You

As far as you and your best friend are concerned, there's a judgement-free zone. They are completely understanding, will listen to you vent all day long, and are always there to offer the best advice you never knew you needed.

They Look Out For You On The Regular

Your bestie always knows what's best for you, even if you can't see it for yourself. If they see that you're putting your dreams on hold, they're always quick to help you get back on track. They're also your first line of defense if someone isn't treating you the way you deserve to be treated.

They Are Always Willing To Help You Out

Need someone to pick up toilet paper for you? You bestie will run to the drugstore for you. Really in the mood for some chocolate or bagel bites? Your BFF is already letting you raid their kitchen. Literally anything you need, your bestie is your girl.

They Help You Keep Track Of Everything

From helping you find your phone, to grabbing your mail when you're out of town, to reminding you of important upcoming events, your bestie helps keep you on track. To be honest, they may very well know your schedule better than you do at times.

They Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Laughter is the best cure for a lot of things, and no one makes you laugh harder than your bestie does. They're always there to put a smile on your face, especially when you're having a stressful day.

They (Arguably) Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

You and your BFF can finish each other's sentences, and oftentimes, it's kind of scary how well they know you. They know some of the decisions you're going to make before you even decide to make them. For example, when your friend group wants to hit up the bars on a Friday night after you've had a super busy work week, your bestie knows to tell them the two of you are going to hang in, relax, and order some pizza.

They Support You Endlessly

Your bestie is always there for you, no matter what. Their support is unwavering, and you're endlessly grateful for their friendship and love.