7 Springtime Things To Do With Your Sis If Your 'Gram Needs A Pop Of Color

Spring truly is the best time of the year. Finally, the sun is out and the flowers are in bloom. We get to say, "Boy bye," to those cold months of winter. As we're thawing out, it feels like waking up from a nap, feeling refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running. Going outside is a must, and the best partner for those adventures is your sister. She is your BFF after all, so you're so down for things to do with your sister in the spring.

Pretty much any activity is made 10 times better by having your sis by your side. Not only does she know how to make you laugh, but she is the perfect photographer for all of those Insta-worthy pics you'll be taking. For real, my sister is the only person I trust to take pictures of me that I know I'll love. We are so in sync, she just gets it, and we all know getting those sweet sunshine selfies for the 'Gram is necessary to show your friends that you and spring are MFEO.

There's no time to waste, spring is almost here! So get out and do these seven things with your favorite person in the world — your sister.

Go Strawberry Picking In Your Favorite Romper
Lior + Lone/Stocksy

Break out your favorite floral romper and pair of sandals to wear for strawberry picking. Try and find the biggest, most vibrant-looking ones to show off in your basket, and your 'Gram will be oh-so-colorful. I don't know about you, but my favorite part about strawberry picking is eating those delicious berries. Once you get home, be sure to hit up the kitchen and put all of that fruit to good use. Strawberry shortcake, anyone?

Get Active With Some Jumping Pics At The Beach

The beach and spring go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you and your sis live anywhere near a beach, the waves are officially calling and you need to pick up your shellphone.

When I'm at the beach, I love just laying out and getting some much-needed vitamin D, but you and your sis can also get active. Try and perfect the ultimate jumping pic with the waves in the background. Setting your phone on burst mode will totally help you out. Even if it's not really warm out, there's nothing like putting on some sweats and watching the sunset from the sand.

Head To The Park With Your Fur Babies By Your Side
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

If you and your sister have dogs, they'll want to get in on the springtime fun as well. Take a trip to the park with your number one squad. You and your sister can even pack a picnic for yourselves, and make sure to include doggy treats for your pooches as well.

Go To A Local Farmers Market

Spring means a new batch of crops that are in season. I always end up getting the same things from the farmers market whenever I go, so you and your sis can make a pact together to pick something out that you've never tried before. You never know, it could become your new favorite tradition.

Drink Something Fruity Poolside

If you and your sis are both 21 and up, you need to have a relaxing day by the pool with drinks in hand. My go-to is a refreshing piña colada with raspberries, which I always suggest. Snap a fun pic holding your drinks and wearing sunglasses, so everyone knows you're living your best life.

Wear Your Favorite Sundress For A Photoshoot By The Pier
Raymond Forbes LLC/Stocksy

We all have that one sundress that sits in the back of our closest, and we longingly look at it during the cold months of winter. We cannot wait for it to get warm again, so we can break it out. Now is the time to let it be seen! Put on a mini photoshoot at the pier, taking pictures of each other in your dresses you've missed so dearly.

Stop And Smell The Rosé At A Winery

If you and your sis love to wine down, take a trip to a winery or two this spring. Rosé is totally perfect for this time of year, so you can sip and have a positively grape time with your favorite person. Find a spot with the best views overlooking the whole winery, and snap a sweet selfie of just you two.