7 Things To Do With Your Pup On New Year's If You Like Him Better Than Humans

New Year's Eve is the last chance to get lit this year. Sparkles, drinks, and fireworks galore! It's the time to celebrate a brand new start. Unfortunately, for our furry friends, that celebration can sound more like a nightmare than a party. If your dog is easily frightened by loud noises, sometimes it's better just to stay home and cuddle on the couch than to bring them out on New Year's Eve. If you have an anxious dog, staying at home and planning some fun things to do with your dog on New Year's sounds like the perfect idea.

You can still dress up if you want, but when you're hanging back with your best friend instead, you don't need to throw on those heels that hurt five minutes after wearing them. Instead, you can slip on your favorite pair of comfy slippers and holiday onesie There's also no stress about that midnight kiss, because you know you'll be getting a sweet smooch from your doggie best friend.

Honestly, a relaxing New Year's Eve with your dog sounds like an ideal NYE party, and these seven things to do with your fur baby on New Year's will make it the best night of the year. It's the most exclusive party in town that will have all of your friends super jealous. Don't have a ruff New Year's Eve. Instead, have one to remember, so you truly start off a happy fur year!

Have A Movie Marathon

If you want to have a nice relaxing night at home, the best way to do that is to have a movie night. You can cuddle up together on the couch and put on a marathon of your favorite movies from the year. Hotel For Dogs and Bolt are obviously classics for your movie session... along with treats, of course.

Hit The Road

Sometimes, when you know your neighborhood will have a lot of loud noises and fireworks on New Year's Eve, it can be a good idea to just get out of town. You can find an Airbnb that allows dogs in a quiet place nearby. It'll be like a little vacay for just you and your furry BFF as you celebrate the New Year to come together.

Have A Dog Paw-ty

A dog party is the perfect plan for you and your friends, along with everyone's pooch. If you know your home will be quiet on New Year's Eve, you can be the host. You can even serve dog-friendly mocktails and treats, and of course, real drinks for you and your friends.

Have A Dog Treat Baking Party

What's better than having a baking party with your furry friend? If there is a new dog treat recipe you've been wanting to try, now is the ultimate time. Spend the evening making treats you will both enjoy. You both have been good this year, so you deserve to treat yo'self.

Build A Comfy Blanket Fort

When your dog is easily anxious, sometimes it's best to create a super comfortable environment. Build a nice, comfy blanket fort for you and your dog to hide out in. It's the perfect spot to watch your Netflix movie marathon together. When the fireworks start going off, you'll all be tough inside your cozy, secret fort.

Watch The Ball Drop While Playing Ball

If your dog loves playing games, play ball inside together. You don't want to be going out when all of the fireworks start, but you can find some fun games to play inside with your pup. As you watch the ball drop in Times Square, watch your dog excitedly chase after a ball in your home.

Get Dressed In Your New Year's Best And Insta All The Way

Even if you're staying home on New Year's Eve, you can still both get dressed up and dapper. If you know your dog will get nervous once the fireworks start going off, a Thundershirt will help to de-stress them. Finish off the look with some cute New Year's hats for the both of you. Wear a matching sparkly ensemble, and have fun posting adorable pics to Instagram.