7 Things That Get You Excited For The Fall In The Summer & Prepped For PSL Season

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Summer is here, and as excited as you are for beach days, warm weather, and rocking as many sundresses as possible, there's something else that has your full attention. You love summer — you really do — but you love it the most for being the season that comes right before fall. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to break out my cozy sweaters, beanies, and start drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes again. You can't help it if you're distracted by all the things that get you excited for the fall in the summer.

You couldn't wait for the warm weather, so you could finally wear those denim shorts at the bottom of your dresser. However, when you're trying to cool down by sitting directly in front of the air conditioner, you start to fantasize about the perfectly crisp weather of autumn. You also love drinking a piña coladas out of a real coconut, but it just doesn't compare to enjoying a PSL while cuddled up close to your bae. Of course, you're happy to be living on #SaltTime, but you're also getting yourself pumped up for what's to come after summer fades away.

You may not want to shout out to the world how excited you are about the fall, because you don't want to upset the hardcore summer lovers out there, but you can quietly party about these seven things that have you totally ready for fall.

Wearing Cozy Sweaters All Day, Every Day
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As much as you love your maxi dresses and two-piece sets, you can't wait until getting dressed in the morning consists of throwing on an oversized sweater and leggings. If I could live in a cozy sweater forever, I would.

Not Having To Rely On The AC To Keep Cool

Right now, the air conditioner just might be running your life, because coping with the humidity can be a serious struggle. As much as you love summer, you can't wait until you're not relying on the AC so much.

Doing All The Fall Activities With Your Best Friends

You love going to the beach and embarking on spontaneous road trips with your besties all summer, but when it comes to squad activities, fall wins every time. You can go apple picking, carve pumpkins, bake cinnamon treats, get spooked at a haunted house, and just have a picnic amongst the fall foliage.

Seeing The Trees Change Colors

Seeing green as you relax underneath a palm tree sounds like paradise, but you really can't wait to see the golden and crisp red hues. In the fall, the trees put on a magnificent color show. (Needless to say, every pool you jump into, you secretly wish it was a pile of leaves instead.)

Smelling All The Fall Scents

Step aside, ocean breeze, because I'm ready for pumpkin spice-scented everything. As much as I love my Hawaiian pineapple-scented candles, I much prefer something like warm apple pie or fall foliage trees. You can seriously relate, and this is your annual reminder to stock up when you see the fall scents finally hit the shelves.

Trading In Coconut Drinks For Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I don't know why we can't make pumpkin spice a year-round kind of drink already. People love it. Why is it absent from our lives for most of the year? If you could, you'd honestly probably drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes out of a coconut during the summer.

One Word: Halloween
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Let's be honest: Halloween is the GOAT. You're already texting your besties to make this year's group costume even better than last year's. As you daydream about fall during the summer, it just gets you prepared to hit the ground running with clever ideas as soon as it arrives.

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